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Email to SMS converts standard emails into SMS messages - start sending SMS directly from your email client.

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Send SMS via email using your own mail program

Easy to use, quick to setup


Send SMS to one or many users

Send bulk SMS notifications and promotions to your customer or client base, or inform employees about internal news and product launches as if you're sending SMS.


No technical skills required

Our email to SMS gateway is very easy to implement in your mail program without having to install any software. Send email to SMS from Gmail or any email client.


Real-time analytics on text messages

Our messaging analytics tool gives you a real-time overview of your SMS traffic so you can track, trace and optimise messaging flows.

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Improve business processes with Email to SMS

Mail SMS is an email to SMS app that converts standard emails into text messages. Use any email client such as Gmail, Outlook, and Hotmail to send SMS messages from your online SMS Gateway account.

Once you register on our platform, your account will be upgraded from a demo account. After that, your email addresses or domains should be added to our platform and your wallet should be topped up in order to send text messages directly to your recipient list - no further technical skills needed.

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How to start sending Email to SMS?

The mobile phone number of the recipient should be in the “To:” field, followed by “”, for example [email protected]

The subject line should be kept empty.

The text of the SMS should be entered in the body of the email. If you enter more than 160 characters, the Mail SMS will be sent as a multi part message. You can change the sender name for each email address you use in the Mail SMS app.

Mail SMS help center

One fixed price per SMS

We offer one price per country for all operators, without hidden fees. Choose between our self-service prepaid subscription or unleash the power of our full platform with a postpaid subscription.

How much does Mail SMS cost?

Contact us for volume discount.

Pricing based on individual messages for a specific destination.

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Get detailed insights with Messaging Analytics

Messaging Analytics offers detailed insights into your SMS communication and real-time trends, so you can directly optimise your mobile messaging strategy.

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    Easily gain insight into trends, delivery rates and speed.

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    Instantly recognise possible bottlenecks in SMS traffic.

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    Save time and eliminate unnecessary processes.

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Start converting Email into SMS


Create an account and choose your plan

Create a free account on our platform. Choose our ready-to-use prepaid plan or contact us for larger postpaid plans.

Create an account

Set up your campaign

Build your message within your own email account and send it to one or multiple numbers. It is possible to set your own name as sender ID if this option is supported.


24/7 local support

Visit our Help Center and learn more about how to send SMS via email, from introduction guides all the way through to advanced instructions. 

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