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YourSurprise uses our Engagement Platform to get even closer to customers worldwide.

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A completely personalised customer journey

Imagine this: You're searching for that perfect gift – the kind that's uniquely personal and will light up the faces of your loved ones. Well, that's where YourSurprise steps in – the ultimate destination for personalised gifts that bring that extra special touch. YourSurprise has become the leading provider of personalised gifts featuring photos and text, catering to both the consumer market and B2B. The wide array of options and lightning-fast delivery make exceptional customer service integral to the entire customer journey, elevating the overall experience.

Swift and friendly service across the globe

Meet YourSurprise, initially rooted in the charming town of Zierikzee but now making waves worldwide. As they've grown, they've recognised the importance of delivering prompt and friendly customer service. Thanks to Mobile Service Cloud, part of the Engagement Platform from, YourSurprise has a central hub to connect with customers through every channel imaginable – whether it's over the phone, social media, chat, or WhatsApp. The mission? Ensuring your interaction is personal and seamless from the beginning until the end.

"Almost three-quarters of customer interactions occur during the pre-sale phase. The customer service team sometimes even assists in selecting the perfect gift. This interaction is highly personal. That's why we aim to be easily accessible," says Kirsten Bravenboer, Customer Service Team Lead at YourSurprise. "Our contact information isn't hidden away on our website; it's 'in your face' and readily available."

Whenever possible, customers are contacted proactively and personally. The agents position themselves as personal 'gift helpers'. Even in the web widget, there's a photo of the agent, fostering an immediate connection. Additionally, they pay close attention to current cues to enhance the customer experience. "For instance, if a customer orders a gift for a specific birthday, we tailor the conversation accordingly. Personalisation isn't just about our products; it's definitely ingrained in our customer service."

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Excelling even in the busiest of times

YourSurprise has those hectic moments, like when everyone's looking for the ultimate holiday season gift. During these moments, exceptional customer service takes centre stage. The AI-powered chatbot Gifty handles numerous common queries, allowing live agents to focus on more complex or personalised questions, even amidst high workloads. This approach scales customer service while preserving personalised contact and quality. Maintaining that personal touch is paramount. For customer service agents, efficiency improves. When the Gifty chatbot transfers a question, they have all the information at a glance. Not just customer data and prior conversations from all channels but also information from the chatbot conversation. The engagement platform provides a clearer overview and assists live agents in promptly and effectively helping customers.

YourSurprise reduced response times to 5 seconds via Giftly, 28 seconds via Live Chat and 4.5 hours via email. With rapid responses, YourSurprise offers the best customer experience.

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Staying involved throughout the entire customer journey

Transparency is paramount. Customer service goes beyond assisting with gift choices or handling post-purchase concerns. Throughout the entire customer journey, YourSurprise's team of 35 agents remains actively engaged. "This means that, for instance, we reach out to customers ourselves if we identify that an order has encountered delays in our production process or during transportation due to external factors. Transparency and honesty are the foundations of our customer interactions," explains Kirsten.

Customers truly value this level of engagement and transparency. Agents frequently receive praise for their exceptional service. Moreover, a global customer survey yielded an NPS score of 70. While YourSurprise is content with this, they continuously seek opportunities for improvement. Maintaining customer service involvement throughout the entire customer journey also yields significant benefits for YourSurprise.

"We see the role of agents gradually shifting towards sales support. Our agents guide customers better in their journey. In cases where products can't be delivered, agents focus on replacement rather than cancellation. This prevents order loss, revenue loss, and the customer still receives effective assistance."

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