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Nov 30, 2023
5 minutes read

Instagram Messaging: your ticket to winning fans and boosting ticket sales

In today's fast-paced world, the need to capture fans' attention and build loyalty remains a key challenge for independent event organisers. Developing campaigns to boost ticket sales and cut through the noise in this increasingly crowded industry can feel challenging.

Emily Jane Brown
Emily Jane Brown,
Senior Marketing Manager

But for brands and organisers who are already connecting on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, there is a new way to engage potential attendees. Read on to discover how Instagram Marketing Messages can modernise your event marketing strategy and help you connect with more attendees.

Attract and engage with Conversational Marketing

Introducing conversational marketing: a modern approach to boost ticket sales, enhance the fan experience and increase social media engagement. Your event can build a stronger connection by offering personalised, fan interactions via channels like Facebook and Instagram. These kinds of conversational marketing tools generate valuable data insights so that you can tailor your marketing strategies based on attendees' preferences and behaviour.

Supercharge your social media presence

Let's face it, although email marketing is still very effective, it has been less effective in recent years and organic reach on social media is also declining. But social media remains a powerful platform to engage with your target audience, particularly through Instagram Messaging. The average open rate for email is just 21%, but Instagram Messaging offers a compelling 88% open rate and a 56% click-through rate.

But there’s another recent development from Meta to complement your email communication, Instagram has levelled up with Marketing Messages. Event organisers can now send regular updates, promotions and campaigns to opted-in fans, right at the point when it will create the most impact. This feature meets your fans where they are, boosting conversion rates through personal, one-on-one conversations on their favourite channel— via the mobile device in their pocket. These messages can be timed at key activation points in your campaigns pre-event, during and post-event promoting deals and upset opportunities and also driving re-engagement.

Extend your reach on Instagram beyond organic posts, which are only viewed by 10% of your followers.

Maximise upsell opportunities, minimise sales pitches

Today’s fans don’t respond to aggressive sales tactics and pushy messaging campaigns. Conversational marketing offers a unique opportunity to upsell without the sales pitch, subtly promoting additional products or services whilst having a conversation and delivering value and content to fans. By building authentic relationships and delivering relevant messages, you can create meaningful touchpoints that accelerate ticket sales, deepen engagement and create loyal advocates.

Reduce marketing costs

For all types of businesses, marketing has switched from a quantity to a quality marketing approach. By using channels like Google Display or banner advertising on third-party platforms you are wasting marketing budget on audiences that might have little interest in your event or venue. But by investing in messaging channels like Instagram and Facebook you can build connections with your community at the moment they’re available.

Get personal

Fans want to feel seen, not just as another face in the crowd or email on a subscriber list. So why not utilise the insights from your customer's data to create personalised messages and offers that align with their passions and interests.

With Instagram Marketing Messages, you can instantly connect with your fans on a deeper personal level. Valuable customer data can be stored securely and compliantly in our Customer Data Platform. The CDP then consolidates all the data and creates unified customer profiles, so you can automate your marketing processes, including sending automatic pre-set messages through Instagram Messaging.

This data gives you valuable insights into purchase history, patterns, and preferences so you can send fans unique codes, exclusive promotions, or even surprise discounts to show you value, understand them and reward them for their loyalty.

Ditch the generic ads and bland messaging, instead connect with your fans to build loyalty and engagement.

Peak and deploy at the right moments

In the event Industry, timing is everything so deploying fan communications at the right moment is key. You can boost ticket sales and enhance attendee engagement by strategically peaking through the appropriate channels, communicating at the optimal time and keeping fans connected throughout the year;

Exclusive content

Share content that builds anticipation and keeps fans excited. Showcase behind-the-scenes footage, artist interviews, or sneak peeks to generate interest and create a sense of exclusivity.

Pre-registration alert

Give visitors a nudge about the opportunity to pre-register for the event. This helps create demand and allows them to secure their spot before ticket sales officially begin, fostering a sense of exclusivity and making them feel special.

Ticket sales

Build suspense and create a buzz by announcing the start of ticket sales. Make it an event in itself, emphasising limited availability or early bird discounts to drive immediate action and ticket purchases. By integrating in-chat purchases, you simplify ticketing and offer a uniquely seamless transaction within the same conversation.

Line-up reveals

Generate excitement by gradually unveiling the event's line-up. Share artist announcements one by one, building anticipation and enticing potential attendees.

Upsell opportunities

Offer additional upsell opportunities, such as merchandise or VIP experiences, to enhance the event experience and increase revenue. Promote these exclusive offers to interested fans to maximise their engagement and create added value.

Exclusive event app

Provide fans with a link to your exclusive event app. The app can offer features like personalised schedules, interactive maps, and exclusive content, enhancing the overall event experience and keeping attendees engaged and informed.

Make sure your events are in demand

It’s time to elevate your fan experience with Instagram Marketing Messages. Build stronger relationships and personal connections with ease, using a platform your fans already know and love.

Drive conversions and re-engage interested fans by sending them exclusive updates, discounts, and exclusive targeted offers. Don’t miss out on Instagram Marketing Messages for your next event or campaign.

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Emily Jane Brown
Emily Jane Brown,
Senior Marketing Manager
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Is the Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland at and mainly writes about the music and sports industry with a focus on attendee experience.

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