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The charities sector in numbers

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of charities have started offering online services in response to Covid-19 (The Charity Digital Skills Report 2021)

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of charities have deployed digital to speak to new audiences (The Charity Digital Skills Report 2021)

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of charities now have a digital strategy in place (The Charity Digital Skills Report 2021)

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of all donations were digital in 2020 and this is likely to increase again in 2021 (Global Trends in Giving survey 2020)

Apple Messages for Business

Charity segments serves

One-Off Fundraisers

One-off fundraisers

Fundraisers that are constrained by time need speed and efficiency. enables them to quickly set-up and seamlessly scale-up. Our proven infrastructure is able to handle large amounts of simultaneous calls, messages and payment transactions.

Global Charities

Global charities

With our global presence we are able to facilitate global fundraising campaigns. Our messaging and customer engagement solutions can help you reach your donors all over the world. Our local offices can help you choose the right channels and for each region.

Local Charities

Local charities

Local charities need strong engagement with their local community and helps them do that. Cloud software such as the Customer Data Platform enables charities to personalise their customer interactions, be more relevant and increase donor retention.

How can help your charity

Let your supporters communicate with you via their preferred messaging channel.

Create superior experiences that increase volunteer engagement and activity.

Choose your payment methods and accept payments on any channel or device.

Manage all conversations efficiently with supporters in one Omnichannel Inbox.

With the right software you can answer all of your supporters questions.

Mobile Marketing Cloud

Inspire your supporters to do more than the everyday

Supporters want to hear about the latest fundraising activites. Ensure you promote your fun run, music event and quiz night where your supporters are. Reach your supporters, automate conversations and share new fundraising events on their preferred mobile messaging channel.'s Mobile Marketing Cloud enables you to build omnichannel marketing campaigns via Email, SMS, Push, WhatsApp, Apple Messages for Business, and Voice.

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Payments Platform

Fast results with mobile donations

Supporters want simple payment methods for fast and easy donations. Remove the friction and allow your donors to pay the way they want to. Get started with the payment methods available from the platform via Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and more.

Payments Platform

Deliver personalised engagements

We'd love to help your charity realise the power of conversational commerce. Click the link below to speak to our sales team and schedule a demo.

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