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66% Online Retention

The overall donor retention rate is only 34% Year-Over-Year. Online donors show a much higher retention rate of 66%. By implementing an online strategy, you can increase your retention.

13% Online Donations

In 2020, 13% of all fundraising came from online donations. This percentage is expected to grow every year. This offers new and interesting possibilities for fundraising.

+200% Mobile Donations Since 2015

Since 2015 the percentage of online donations made on a mobile device has doubled. Indicating that more and more donors are using their mobile devices for this purpose.

The Charity Segments We Serve

One-off fundraisers

One-Off Fundraisers

Fundraisers that are constrained by time need speed and efficiency. enables them to quickly set up and seamlessly scale up. Our proven infrastructure is able to handle large amounts of simultaneous calls, messages, and payment transactions.

Global Charities

Global Charities

With our global presence, we are able to facilitate global fundraising campaigns. Our messaging and customer engagement solutions can help you reach your donors all over the world. Our local offices can help you choose the right channels and for each region.

Local Charities

Local Charities

Local charities need strong engagement with their local community, and helps them do that. Cloud software such as the Customer Data Platform enables charities to personalize their customer interactions, be more relevant, and increase donor retention.

Kentaa X Platform for Charities Partners With Kentaa

Two well-known names in the charity sector have linked their platforms: Kentaa and With their complementary products, they can support organizations even better in online fundraising, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

It concerns the payment platform and the marketing software of and Digicollect and the Kentaa platform. This allows charities to save on transaction costs and to activate their own collectors, action starters, and donors with automated mobile customer journeys.

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