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Microsoft Teams via direct routing

Use direct routing for Microsoft Teams and optimise the customer experience while saving costs.

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Calling via Microsoft Teams

Reach your audience with one platform

Microsoft Teams Popularity

The number of companies using Microsoft Teams has increased from 50,000 in 2017 to 500,000 in 2020 and continues to grow. (VentureBeat)

Low Costs

The scalability of the Microsoft Teams phone system combined with direct routing allows you to easily and quickly save on your current phone system and calling costs.


Calling via Microsoft Teams is accessible from (almost) any device. From cell phone to desktop and from office to home; with Microsoft Teams, you broaden your reach.

All-in-one Platform

All communication goes through one platform. That means working more effectively and easily from your familiar Voice environment.


Easy integration and number management between Microsoft Teams and Quick start, no IT knowledge needed.

Number Portability

You can keep your own phone number. This will allow you to get started quickly with our Microsoft Teams solution without hassle.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams via

The SIP Trunk platform is connected to the Microsoft Phone System telephony platform via a certified SBC. The Direct Routing Module gives companies the flexibility to configure their phone connectivity to their own needs.

  1. Number portability.

  2. Request and configure new phone numbers.

  3. Scale as you please.

  4. Keep control of traffic and costs.

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Get started with direct routing for Microsoft Teams

  1. Get access
  2. Keep your own number
  3. Start calling
  4. Start saving

Our solutions


The SIP Trunk

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The Voice API

Build all your Voice applications with our Voice API (soon also available through our flow builder). Use our Voice API apps to flexibly create your voice applications and maintain full control.

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