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Scripted Customer Service Chatbots

Build scripted chatbot flows across any channel with Mobile Service Cloud, the #1 customer service solution.

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Improve Your Customer Experience

Create a frictionless customer experience for every use case. A scripted customer service chat bot requires a goal. What's the use case for your chatbot? Give updates or delivery notifications? Or make reservations?

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A Chatbot On Every Channel

Website Bot

Respond to Customer Inquiries 24/7 & automate live chat customer service conversations with a website chatbot.

WhatsApp Bot

Answer your customers questions at all hours of the day on WhatsApp with a WhatsApp Chatbot.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Automate customer service conversations on Facebook Messenger with a Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Drag-and-drop Chatbots

Code Free Chatbot Flow Builder

Easily build scripted conversation flows with our drag & drop chatbot interface. No code needed! You can add different entry points, input variables and logic to define the conversation.

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    No developer needed

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    Easy-to-use flow builder

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    Drag & drop interface

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Enrich Conversations with Media

Enrich automated customer service interactions to the fullest with rich features. Your chatbot can share pictures, movies, audio, or even store locations with users.

Emojis can also enhance the experience. Or use a menu based chatbot to guide users through the flow, by using numbers to cycle through menus.

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    Images & GIFs

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    Audio & Video

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Scripted Chatbot Benefits

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24/7 Availability

Unlike an agent, a chatbot can assist customers any hour of the day.

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Omnichannel Chatbot

Use a Scripted Chatbot on any channel: from Facebook Messenger to your website.

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No Coding Required

Easily build scripted chatbots with our drag & drop chatbot flow builder.

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Easy Handover

Easily transfer the conversation to a live agent.

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Rich Media Support

Enrich conversations with images, video, audio, or store locations.

Scripted Chatbots

Easily Handover Conversations to a Live Agent

Within Mobile Service Cloud, there are two options: handover & takeover. In the Agent Inbox, you can see the full conversation & seamlessly continue the conversation.


When the bot has gathered enough information or is no longer able to assist the customer, the conversation is handed over to a live agent. Mobile Service Cloud Pro users can also enjoy a conversation summary. A 20 word long summary generated from GPT to catch agents up with the customer’s conversation.


A live agent is also able to take over a conversation at any time if they notice a customer is getting stuck or needs more complex support.

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