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It's wise to optimise: How housing associations can benefit from real-time chatbot feedback

As housing associations (and their customers) become more familiar with chatbots, their value only increases. However, making sure you’re consistently optimising your chatbot to deal effectively with customers is a long-term commitment but one that needn’t eat valuable time if you know what you need to prioritise.

Powerful insights

Ensuring you’re looking at the right reports is a good starting point. Accurate, powerful reporting on the metrics you need to monitor allows you to make changes to your chatbot’s customer journey in real-time, tweaking responses and adding additional functionality based on the way your customers are using your chatbot.

For example, if your chatbot is struggling to answer specific questions, you might find that you need to plug a gap in your knowledge database to address the issue.

Just ask your customers

One of the simplest ways to understand how your chatbot is performing is to ask customers when they’ve just finished using it. Post-interaction feedback can give you a snapshot of customer sentiment and, depending on how deep you drill, can also deliver more detailed feedback to help you improve.

Pre-live chat surveys are useful to uncover why customers are contacting your team. With this information, you can ensure that people can find answers to the most frequently asked questions more simply, freeing up your customer service team for other tasks. If, for example, you find that many of your customers contact you to check on their account balance, you could automate that process using your chatbot.

All of this first-party customer data means you can start to really understand what your customers need from your chatbot and deliver a genuinely useful solution.

The many benefits of optimisation

Increased customer satisfaction

Conversational AI Cloud’s Feedback report lets you understand what customers are saying and whether they’re getting satisfactory responses so you can tweak your chatbot to keep them happy.

Reduced contact costs

With Gap Analysis you can find out what questions are costing your team the most time and create answers to those questions to free up your team’s time.

Boosted productivity

The Project Manager Overview report in Conversational AI Cloud shows you where your chatbot is delivering the most value, which helps you to plan how best to use your human agents.

Knowledge growth

Gap Analysis and FAQ reports will show you how to improve your chatbot’s volume of knowledge and how to provide relevant answers.

Conversational AI Cloud’s dashboards

Our Conversational AI Cloud includes 20 ‘out-of-the-box’ dashboards that users can download or customise using our reporting API. Our dashboards cover every element of customer chatbot interaction.

Our dashboards come in two different categories – optimisation dashboards and reporting dashboards.

Reporting dashboards monitor project health in KPI terms, while optimisation dashboards help to improve customer journeys via Gap Analysis and improve question and customer recognition.

Our dashboards help you identify trends and act upon them quickly, providing analysis of each type of feedback, grouped in whichever way you prefer.

If you’d like to find out more about Conversational AI Cloud and how our dashboards optimise chatbot interactions, speak to one of our experts, and we’ll talk you through the process.

Speak to our team

If you’d like to find out more about Conversational AI Cloud and how our dashboards optimise chatbot interactions, speak to one of our experts, and we’ll talk you through the process.

Speak to our team
Emma Brash
Emma Brash,
Marketing Campaigns Manager
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Emma is the Marketing Campaigns Manager focusing on marketing software and ticketing for the UK&I. She is passionate about enabling marketers to do more with the right tools and help organisations provide an outstanding customer experience on the correct channels.

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