Manage Multi-Channel Messaging in A Single Inbox.

Improve your contact center efficiency and manage customer conversations using a single multi-channel messaging platform.

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Deliver Tier 1 Customer Support with CM's Customer Contact

Customers turn to a multitude of chat apps to reach out to you for support. Availability on WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Email, and SMS is the new standard. How do you support all those channels, while efficiently handling queries on this multitude of channels?

By adding Customer Contact, you’ll handle all conversations with the greatest ease. Customer Contact removes all thresholds and repetitive processes. Connect to your chosen channels to make life easier on your customer care team, and improve your service quality.

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Imagine your team of customer service employees. Questions are coming in via phone calls, SMS, web chat, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more. Queues get longer. Customers want answers quickly.

Discover the intuitive Customer Contact to reduce pressure on your staff, maximize efficiency, and optimize productivity, all while improving service quality.

Delivering exceptional Customer Experience via Customer Contact has never been easier!

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Supported channels

apple business chat
Facebook Messenger

Managing Omni-Channel Contact Centers, Made Easy.

Where Efficiency Meets Excellence.


One solution for your messaging channels, your bot, and intuitive customer support software. Combined into one inbox for all conversations, regardless of channel.

Easy & Intuitive Setup

Access all your messaging channels & conversations in one view. Clearly assign ownership and statuses per agent, and​ create teams to organize departments, regions, branches, or specialists.

Customizable for Your Customers

Provide support no matter where. Customer Contact supports multiple languages rom English, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, & more. Set predefined responses & automate..

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Implement Quick Replies and Chatbots

Create order in the overload of communication channels, save valuable time from your employees, and increase customer satisfaction. Customer Contact offers built-in features to manage and reply to messages.

Manage customer expectations with custom out-of-office messages. Improve service by creating quick replies for answers to frequently asked questions. Or set up a chatbot to help save valuable time.

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Automate your customer service with the CM Bot

New to chat bots? We're here to help you build, improve, and maintain your bot.

  1. Let CM Bot handle a strict script of sending messages

  2. Stimulate interaction with selection menus and answers flows

  3. Enrich your conversations with images, videos, and locations

  4. Hand over the conversation to a human agent whenever necessary

How others use our Contact Center tool

The best way to optimize customer support? Learn from other companies. Our customers include companies in retail, service, leisure, travel, events, and many more. Contact us to learn how to best use Customer Contact in your business.

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Offer better customer service via our communication platform, with a wide range of messaging channels to connect to all your customers. Reach out to sales to start with the onboarding process.

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