Manage All Conversations from One Dashboard.

Communicate with your customers via all popular messaging channels from one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Communicate Through Any Channel and Manage All Conversations

Customer Contact

One-Stop Shop

One solution for your messaging channels, your bot, and intuitive customer support software. Combined into one dashboard for all conversations, regardless of channel.

High Quality Conversations

All conversations in one overview with clearly defined ownership and statuses.​ Set up teams representing regional offices, brands or specialisms.

Configured to Your Own Needs

Support is available via your users' language. English, Dutch, German, French, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. Add predefined personalised messages, per brand or discipline.

Great Customer Care With Customer Contact

Customers use multiple channels to reach out to you. Your availability on channels like WhatsApp Business, Apple Business Chat, Viber and SMS is the new standard.

Managing all your conversations across these channels can be overwhelming. Customer Contact fully supports you in managing every conversation to the same high quality standard.

Customer Contact is easy-to-use and can be installed within minutes, allowing you to improve the productivity of your customer care team and increase employee and customer satisfaction. 

Start Saving Time

Think of your team of customer service employees… Questions are coming in via phone calls, web chat, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and so on. Queues get longer. Customers want answers quickly. And the CRM needs attention as well. Quite a challenging task.

Wouldn’t it be easier if these processes could be combined, reducing time spent on processes that could be used to help customers? Discover the intuitive Customer Contact to reduce pressure on your staff while improving service quality.

Customer contact has never been easier!

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Supported Channels

apple business chat
Facebook Messenger
Customer contact, customer service, customer care

Implement Quick Replies and Chatbots

Create order in the overload of communication channels, save valuable time for your employees and increase customer satisfaction. Customer Contact offers built-in features to manage and reply to messages.

Manage customer expectations with custom out-of-office messages. Improve service by creating quick replies for answers to frequently asked questions. Or set up a chatbot to help save valuable time.

cm bot automation

Automate Your Customer Service With the Chatbot

New to chatbots? We're here to help you build, improve, and maintain your bot

  1. Let your chatbot handle a strict messaging script

  2. Stimulate interaction with selection menus and answers flows

  3. Enrich your conversations with images, videos, and locations

  4. Hand over the conversation to a human agent whenever necessary

How Others Use Our Contact Centre Tool

The best way to optimise customer support? Learn from other companies. Our customers include companies in retail, service, leisure, travel, events, and many more. Contact us to learn how to best use Customer Contact in your business.

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Activate the preferred messaging channels and manage all conversations from one dashboard. Contact one of our mobile service experts or schedule a date for a demo.

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