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Oct 20, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com Unveils 'Safeguard' Feature to Combat Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT) Fraud

Breda, The Netherlands, 26 September 2023 - CM.com, a leading provider of Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge feature, 'Safeguard: Destination Management.' This innovative addition to the company's robust platform empowers customers to protect themselves against artificially inflated traffic (AIT) fraud by managing messaging traffic to specific destinations.

Engagement platform generative ai engine
Sep 19, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com Celebrates Launch of Generative AI Engine: Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

Breda, Netherlands, September 15, 2023 - CM.com, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its innovative Generative AI capabilities. This release represents the latest advancement in CM.com’s ongoing AI investment efforts.

Jul 05, 2023 • WhatsApp

TechnoGirl Trust Partners with CM.com to Create STEM Careers for South African Girls

Johannesburg, July 6th, 2023 - CM.com, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is excited to announce its partnership with TechnoGirl Trust (TGT) in selecting four exceptional beneficiaries from the TGT programme for an exclusive internship opportunity.

Research report press release about personalization
Jun 25, 2023 • WhatsApp

Research on Personalisation: Are Retailers Getting It Right?

Consumers today expect personalised experiences throughout their customer journey. Numerous retailers are falling short of meeting these expectations, but a recent study conducted by CM.com sheds light on the potential for improving overall brand perception by enhancing consumer experiences with personalisation opportunities.

Generative ai press release with conversational ai cloud
Jun 22, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com is Launching Advanced Cross-Product Generative AI Capabilities

Breda, Netherlands, June 22, 2023 - CM.com, a global leader in conversational commerce solutions, is excited to kickstart its new cross-product Generative AI platform with a group of 10 of its leading customers.

Press release Amnesia & TixBox
Feb 16, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com announces new deals with Amnesia, Ibiza and TixBox, Middle East and North Africa

CM.com today announces two new deals with Ibiza institution Amnesia, and TixBox, the ticketing partner for Alchemy Project who are a leading entertainment company in the Middle East and North Africa.

Juniper recognizes CM.com as leader in CCaaS market
Feb 16, 2023 • WhatsApp

Juniper recognizes CM.com as leader in CCaaS market

Juniper Research ranks CM.com, the market leader in cloud software for conversational commerce, as a leader in the Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) market.

Press Release - Shopware
Feb 16, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com and Shopware announce partnership for further expansion

Breda - CM.com, market leader in Conversational Commerce, is partnering with Shopware, provider of an open source e-commerce platform.

Juniper Research CDP report
Feb 16, 2023 • WhatsApp

CM.com named an ‘Established Leader’ in Juniper Research's CDP Vendor Competitor Leaderboard

Juniper Research’s Competitor Leaderboard: CDP Vendors places CM.com as one of 14 leaders in the market.

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