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The leading international recruitment agency decided to implement e-signatures to simplify processes.

PageGroup: Recruiting Globally

PageGroup is a leading recruitment agency in permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, and interim management. They employ over 7,500 people in 37 countries and operate across 25 disciplines from actuarial to technology.

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E-Signatures: An Improvement for Clients and Employees

For PageGroup, e-signatures offer several benefits. Célia Sarraute, Senior IT Business Partner for PageGroup, explains: “Our motivation was related to the increasing need to modernise this process for our customers but also internally, especially after the first COVID-19 lockdown. There was also a clear opportunity for the company to fit with green initiatives and global sustainability. We currently use Sign for client contracts, employee contracts, procurement contracts, internal audit documents, or litigation documents.”

Looking for a Reliable International Partner

To find the e-signature solution that would fit their needs best, PageGroup organised a Request for Proposal (RFP). Applicants had to meet specific criteria, such as:

  • Demonstrating a strong global presence, covering at least the countries in scope in the business case
  • Providing a secure and certified solution recognised in these countries
  • Offering a very intuitive, multi-device, and user-friendly platform, requiring only rudimentary onboarding
  • Offering competitive rates and quick delivery of the solution
  • Providing efficient support
PageGroup why Sign

Why Sign?

Célia Sarraute explains why PageGroup chose Sign over other companies after the RFP: “’s solution is ticking all our boxes with great feedback from end-users in the context of a trial organised during the RFP. We are 100% satisfied with Sign and have established a great relationship with the vendor. has great support, and it’s efficient and customer-oriented. We didn’t have a lot of issues, but they were always helpful when required”.

A Trusting Relationship

"Our Global technical support team is in touch with to troubleshoot any specific issue which could emerge. They consider our enhancement requests seriously, and we discuss their roadmap quarterly to be aware and involved in designing new features." - Célia Sarraute, Senior IT Business Partner for PageGroup
PageGroup Satisfied Sign Users

Satisfied Users’s e-signature solution is now used by over 550 PageGroup users in 9 different countries. More than 1000 documents have been sent digitally through Sign in January 2022. All users are really enjoying it. “It’s swift to onboard people once they have registered. Using the solution is adopting it. Sign users are delighted with this very stable solution and don’t require a high level of support, even for external users”, says Célia Sarraute.

PageGroup x Sign: What is Next?

According to Célia Sarraute, the number of users will evolve. Especially with new countries coming onto the platform soon. New features like a qualified signature level will allow them to use it. PageGroup also has mid-term and long-term projects. “There are three main topics that will improve our user experience,” Célia sums up: “An API to create more seamless access to the platform, new templates designs, and features to allow signees to transfer the document to the appropriate person in their organisation.”

Discover How Sign Can Help You Improve Your Processes

E-signatures have a lot of benefits for international companies. Learn more about Sign and its features, and reach out to our team if you need more information.

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