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Seven chatbot use cases to improve customer experience

You’ll no doubt have encountered chatbots in your day-to-day interactions with brands, financial institutions, or retail businesses. You might not have realised it, but chatbots can take many forms. Finding one right for you involves knowing a little about how they work and what they can do. To help you on the way, here are seven chatbot use cases to improve customer experience.

Theresa Bullock
Theresa Bullock,
Technical Consultant

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is software that interacts with humans through written language, whether scripted, AI or voicebots. Chatbots are often found on websites or messaging channels, connecting customers with companies 24/7.

External vs internal chatbots

While many chatbots are consumer-facing, chatbots are useful for internal teams too. You can use them as knowledge repositories, for example. Understanding that chatbots are more than just a helpful customer service tool is crucial to unlocking the potential of chatbots for your business. 

Scripted vs AI chatbots

Scripted chatbots, as the name suggests, work to a ‘script’ that allows them to decipher the intent of user interactions and offer suitable answers from a library of information. An AI chatbot, on the other hand, can learn from its interactions and can improve its efficacy based on the number and quality of interactions it receives. AI chatbots can actively search for information to answer queries. They could answer a question on opening hours by scraping the information on your website, for example. 

Seven chatbots use cases

FAQ chatbots

Helping people find out basic information about your organisation or products without having to read through a list of FAQs, the FAQ chatbot can return an answer from a list of possible responses based on the information it holds in its database. 

Service chatbots

Explicitly designed to deal with a huge volume of customer service enquiries simultaneously. Customer service chatbots can vary from a WISMO (Where Is My Order) chatbot that advises customers on deliveries, returns, etc., to more sophisticated AI-based chatbots that can pull product and service information from various data sources and interact with customers in a more human way that feels familiar to them.

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Internal chatbots

Internal chatbots can hold vast swathes of data, making accessing information for internal staff much more straightforward. New staff can be trained quickly and need less line management time to get up-to-speed.

Acquisition chatbots

Acquisition chatbots are a cost-effective way to convert new customers or re-engage existing customers. These chatbots can automate, optimise and speed up new acquisitions, upsell and provide intelligent conversations. It allows customers to self-serve while enabling your sales and marketing teams to focus on more complex, time-consuming tasks.

Verification chatbots

Making sure someone is who they say they are is vital to maintaining the security of personal information. Automating the process of verifying people is also a great way to increase the efficiency of your customer service team.

Live event chatbots

Creating a great customer experience before, during, and after an event is key to encouraging repeat business and harnessing the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Live event chatbots can handle a vast number of visitor queries while your team focuses on ironing out logistical issues and driving revenue. 

DGP chatbot human agent questions


Giving your customer service the familiar touch of a voicebot can help busy call centres focus on the issues that really matter. A voicebot can sift through incoming calls and only escalate the most serious to your agents while resolving many issues on its own. 

How our customers use chatbots

If you want to learn more about chatbots and find out how other businesses have enjoyed success after implementing them, read our chatbot guide on how chatbots create great customer experiences.

Learn more about chatbots and find out how other businesses have enjoyed success.

Theresa Bullock
Theresa Bullock,
Technical Consultant
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Theresa is a Technical Consultant for the UK&I. She is passionate about NLP, cutting-edge solutions and conversational AI technology. As an expert in her field, Theresa guides customers in implementing chatbots, voicebots and SaaS solutions.

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