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Oct 28, 2022
5 minutes read

8 Touchpoints to Engage With Candidates During the Candidate Journey

For candidates searching for a new role, it’s easy to feel lost as the hiring process drags on, like just another applicant among many. In this setting, why would top talent choose an organization that doesn’t make them feel wanted?

However, when the candidate journey is smooth, streamlined, and personalised, each applicant feels heard. When someone has a great experience during their job search and the hiring process, they are likely to be even more enthusiastic about the role. Even unsuccessful applicants will come away with a newfound appreciation of the company and a renewed ambition to secure that role next time. 

The question that remains is how to engage with potential candidates during the candidate journey. Let’s take a look at the different phases, as shown in the image:

Professional services candidate journey

1. Awareness: looking for a job

For prospective employees, the first touchpoint is likely to be a job ad. Early engagement is key to ensuring the relationship gets off to a good start, so companies should kick things off with a simple reach-out. Even a short message thanking the candidate for their application is likely to be appreciated.

Grab the attention from the beginning and ensure that candidates can easily engage with you via their preferred channel.

2. Consideration: learn more about the job

After discovering a new job that interests them, candidates usually begin searching for more information about the role. Does it fit their background, skills, and ambitions? And where can they find this kind of information? 

Candidates want fast answers but employers don’t want to waste time manually answering the same questions over and over. Think about how you can easily let candidates apply with a click of a button. Or what about the way you provide extra information about the job? They are many options to keep the conversation going.

consideration phase - candidate journey

3. Interest: open communication is key

Technology can keep the conversation going throughout the candidate journey, ensuring talented individuals don’t lose interest and start drifting toward a competitor. With many candidates sending off multiple applications at once, it’s important they remain continually engaged by a prospective employer. Open communication channels allow candidates to maintain engagement.

4. Applying: make it simple

Many candidates have experienced delight at finding their ideal job, followed by frustration at a complex, long-winded application process. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Optimise this phase with several smart solutions in order to create a faster and smoother applying process. With the right tools and software you can make sure that application frustration is a thing of the past.

applying - candidate journey

5. Interview

With hybrid working embraced by many businesses, many candidates now expected that the first interview won’t be in person; it’ll be by phone or video. But remote or hybrid interviews need to be managed and organised slightly differently from those held in-person. To ensure interviews are organised smoothly, both candidates and employers need to be reassured that meeting dates will be made and kept.

6. Hiring: creating a positive experience

Yes! You’ve been chosen for your new role! But now what? In times past, this would have meant receiving thick stacks of paperwork outlining contracts and other details. Next to that, it maybe would take several days to finally complete the hiring process.

Nowadays, digital signatures can complete contracts in seconds entirely using a mobile device. This means you can save time and money. 

What’s more, unsuccessful candidates can receive feedback and thanks for taking part in the recruitment process using your existing communication channels. With mobile devices, administrative tasks can be broken down into more manageable chunks so you don’t feel overwhelmed - just excited to start!

hiring - candidate journey

7. Onboarding: easy communication from day one

Proactive communication can ensure the onboarding process starts well, both before and after you arrive at your new workplace. Using for mobile engagement across various channels, from WhatsApp to SMS, can create a positive experience for new employees from the very start. Questions can be answered quickly, important resources can be shared, and any first day-nerves can be avoided.

8. Employment: ongoing caring

Just because an employee is settled into their new role, that doesn’t mean engagement should take a back seat. To ensure employees remain happy, they should continue to have access to mobile communication channels. Messages empathising with common employee anxieties can help new starters settle in - as can response mechanisms that allow employees to share their worries in confidence.

employee experience - candidate journey

How can help to find, engage and retain employees

Research suggests that candidate frustration is commonplace - whether it’s due to a lack of communication from employers or an overly long application process. 

At, we studied the various touch points on the candidate journey, coming up with solutions to ensure the employer-candidate relationship is a good one - from the very first contact. Finding a job can be frustrating for candidates - but not with 

To learn more about how technology can help streamline and optimise the candidate journey, be sure to download our whitepaper, “How Tech Can Help HR & Recruitment: 8 Important Touchpoints to Find, Engage and Retain Employees."

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