What is a verification chatbot?

Verification chatbots are a simple and secure way to verify the identity of customers, allowing them to access and update their information online without the need to contact customer service teams directly.

Verification chatbots allow customers to correct payment or contact information in a secure way that guards against fraudulent access. If, for example, you need to verify a customer's identity before connecting them to a customer service team in order to discuss sensitive details of their account, a verification chatbot can provide a layer of security without requiring customer services to go through the time-intensive task of asking a series of security questions.

Verification chatbots are particularly useful where financial information needs to be disclosed. For example, to update payment details for standing orders, to correct financial information, or to apply for a financial product online.

By utilising technologies such as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) your chatbot can securely identify customers using their mobile numbers. It’s simple to use: a customer is sent a code via SMS or voice – potentially after asking a security question for an added layer of protection – and is then asked to enter the code into the chatbot to verify their identity.

What are the benefits of a verification chatbot?

Verification chatbots allow organisations to quickly verify that customers are who they say they are. This means customers can self-serve and update even sensitive financial and personal information with the knowledge their details are secure. Many people prefer to divulge sensitive information to a machine rather than a human, so a verification chatbot avoids any embarrassment on the part of the customer.

How to get started with a verification chatbot

Identify customers and secure online information with chatbots and SMS, build it today with the software offered by CM.com. Our team is available to provide the support you need to future-proof your customer engagements.

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