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With Mobile Service Cloud, elho can help its team offer faster service and inspire customers to make their lives greener.

elho customer story

Give room to nature

elho is a flourishing family business with nearly 60 years of experience in making sustainable flower pots and planters. The company and its range continue to grow. And there is more: elho wants to bring nature close to us again. After all, nature makes people happy. They want to make it as fun and easy as possible for consumers to care for plants. You can see this in everything they do. One example is a flower pot with a water meter that indicates when the plant is thirsty.

Big ambitions

The dream is to work together for a greener, better world. As a company, they are already showing significant progress: the energy comes from their own windmill, and soon all products will be made from 100% recycled plastic. But a greener, better world is not achieved alone. Elho works together with the team, their partners, and consumers. After years of focusing on B2B, elho has now become a B2C brand. Customer contact is therefore very important. To help, excite and inspire customers to bring more green into their daily lives. Whether it's houseplants, herbs, or a vegetable garden, elho is happy to help. With the right products, but also with their service.

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Listen and improve

To help customers in the best way possible, you need to listen carefully and act accordingly. What do customers want and how can you best help them? But also: what can we learn from them? Elho is constantly mapping out needs and setting up pilots to help customers better.

"What do customers want and how can you best help them? But also: what can we learn from them?"

Another result of listening carefully is the availability via different channels. The products of elho are diverse and are bought by different people. Live Chat and WhatsApp are convenient for young people, but older people often prefer to call. That's why everyone can contact the company in their own way. Elho communicates the options very clearly: on every page of the website you can find via which channels they can be reached. They want to help their customers as personally as possible via each channel. On the website, the name and photo of the employee are listed, along with an invitation to chat. Consumers know how to find Consumer Care. It is very easy and accessible. They are often surprised by the personal, quick responses. 

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From 10 tabs to 1

All messages from all channels arrive in one single dashboard. So regardless of whether questions are asked by email, WhatsApp, Live Chat, or on the website, they all arrive in the same inbox in Mobile Service Cloud. For elho, this is the most valuable aspect of integrated customer service software - all the history of customer communications and their orders can be found in one single view. When they started with B2C customer service, it was difficult to keep a clear overview, or even to be able to respond to every question. Sometimes a customer service representative had as many as 10 tabs open at the same time: one for Outlook, one for Facebook, one for Instagram, and so on. 

Prioritising is difficult: each and every channel is important. In Mobile Service Cloud, messages appear in order of the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) you have set for response time. On Live Chat, the team responds within 30 seconds, so these messages are ranked as the highest priority. An e-mail, on the other hand, can be answered within 8 working hours, so it gets a different priority and position in the inbox. The same view also shows all customer data: from recent orders to the last visited page on the website. This way, you literally only need one tab. The Consumer Care team can now help customers faster and better. 

"In Mobile Service Cloud, all messages from all channels appear in one central inbox, in order of the SLAs you set."

More ease and efficiency

The team is always looking for ways to make customer service even easier and more efficient. For the consumer, but also for themselves. Every week they review data from the various dashboards (Tableau and KPI Console in Mobile Service Cloud) with the team. How are we doing? What can we predict? For example, this year they already saw an increase in the number of questions in February, then they discuss how they can keep up throughout the rest of the year. With extra manpower, but also by making the work more efficient by getting all the benefits out of Mobile Service Cloud. They also discuss these types of opportunities in the success calls with their customer success manager of CM.com.

Drawing on data, the team has been able to make major efficiency gains. Obviously with the uncluttered inbox, but also with other options. For example, the employees had to deal with a lot of recurring questions. In Mobile Service Cloud, they now use answer suggestions. Based on the question asked, the system gives an answer suggestion; the employee then only has to click on it to send. The customer service software also makes internal collaboration easier. Previously, they had to take a screenshot and email it, now they can easily forward the message via Mobile Service Cloud. 

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Win-win customer contact

Consumer Care knows the consumer best; they know what's going on. At elho, they consider customer contact to be mutually beneficial. What Consumer Care hears from consumers, they use to improve support and products. For example, they have a weekly meeting with Product Management in which they discuss the data from Mobile Service Cloud. What are the conversations about? Tags and the various dashboards give them a thorough understanding, enabling them to act on it.

If they see many questions on the same subject, they will address this. By default, the most frequently asked questions appear in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the website, but elho takes it a step further. For example, for the more complex products, such as a rain barrel, they have a 'How To Use' video with text and explanation to help the consumer. This also lowers the threshold to buy. Another example is the service items page. Consumer Care was often called to ask for parts. Most people do not want to have to call or chat for this, but would rather directly order it. Now they can do that in the webshop. The first step towards self-service.

No backlog and increased customer satisfaction

One key result of all the efficiency gains is that the Consumer Care team has no backlog. All SLAs are met. This is not only because of using Mobile Service Cloud, but also by having a good distribution within the team and a focus on data. For each focus country, there is an employee who speaks the language fluently. At peak times, they have additional colleagues and work together with the B2B Customer Care team. Mobile Service Cloud is so intuitive that, with just a few clicks and a short tour, you can get started right away.

Customers appreciate the personalised, fast service. Elho measures customer satisfaction with the smileys in Mobile Service Cloud and in Trustpilot. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is currently at 62.3. NPS is a score to measure customer loyalty, based on one question: to what extent customers would recommend the company to friends or colleagues. A score above 50 is considered excellent. The team strives to keep improving the NPS. One of the ways they pleasantly surprise customers is by resolving the question within 1 chat or response. This commitment has a big impact on customer satisfaction.

"Customers appreciate the personalised, fast service. The NPS is currently 62.3."

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