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8 ways that centralising data can transform live music

Live music is more competitive than ever. Here’s why you need data more than ever.

The problem with data is that unless you have an efficient way of handling it, you won’t be able to take advantage of the insight it provides. 

A 2021 study from Eventsforce discovered that approximately 50% of event planners struggled to organise and use their data effectively. That’s a staggering figure that shows that planners are aware they need to gather data to remain competitive but are still unsure how best to use it.

Music event data can come in many forms. Event registration and management software can provide rich seams of data to mine. At the same time, app creation tools, such as Appmiral, social media, on-site systems and web analytics all have their part in the data-gathering mix. 

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A Customer Data Platform, or CDP, lets you keep all of your data in one place. Typically, different marketing and data-collection tools store their data independently of one another, which isn’t ideal from a data management perspective or an insight point of view. 

Here are eight ways you can use your data to drive revenue and create a great customer experience:

Beat the competition 

With a vast number of live acts currently on the road and more competition for live music customers than ever, events are already challenging to promote effectively, so why make it hard for yourself. Centralised data means you can create memorable, targeted advertising and marketing campaigns that ensure you’re front of mind when consumers decide where to spend their money. 

Uncover seasonal trends

Data is hugely valuable for forecasting. Uncovering seasonal trends and identifying critical periods where you may need to scale up your sales or marketing efforts to drive more sales is crucial for a healthy bottom line. Of course, dealing with busy periods doesn’t always mean you need to draft in more people; you can also use’s automation tools to rapidly scale up your customer service offering, for example.

Make better use of your data

With access to all of your data in one place via a Customer Data Platform, you can create hypotheses and draw conclusions using real-world, 3D personas. Siloed, disparate data makes that process vastly more labour-intensive.

Sell out faster with pre-registration

Your ticketing platform should provide you with the opportunity to allow customers to pre-register for tickets. With early-bird discounts and offers, you can entice consumers earlier in the process and sell out your event faster. 

Boost your sales with cross-selling

Cross-selling between events and up-selling with ticketing add-ons is a great way to boost revenue and ensure a healthy sales pipeline in the run-up to your event. Handling additional purchases, such as drinks tokens or VIP experiences, before your customers arrive at your event also relieves pressure on your on-site customer services team. 

Know your audience (and their value)

With a wealth of customer data stored in your CDP, you can quickly identify your most valuable customers by spend, segment them for VIP offers and discounts to ensure they keep coming back, and reward them for their loyalty. 

Measure performance

The opportunities provided by data are limitless but focusing on delivering the best experience for your attendees and ensuring that you learn lessons from the data means you’ll only make the same mistake once. Consistently reviewing and learning from your data is key to gaining a competitive advantage and the best way to do that is to ensure it’s well organised and easily accessible. 

Build your brand

Consistency is king when it comes to brand messaging, and with the insight you have stored in your CDP, you can create relevant year-round campaigns to keep the conversation going. 

A Customer Data Platform is the best way to ensure your data is available, organised and effective. We’re experts in organising and using data effectively, so why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you use your data to make your business more successful. It doesn’t have to be a headache.

Learn more about how a Customer Data Platform ensures your data is available, organised and effective.

Customer Data Platform Speak to an expert

Learn more about how a Customer Data Platform ensures your data is available, organised and effective.

Customer Data Platform Speak to an expert
Emma Brash
Emma Brash,
Marketing Campaigns Manager
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Emma is the Marketing Campaigns Manager focusing on marketing software and ticketing for the UK&I. She is passionate about enabling marketers to do more with the right tools and help organisations provide an outstanding customer experience on the correct channels.

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