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6 ways an event app can boost your COVID comeback

This summer the online experience for many festivalgoers will be better than ever. Many event businesses have discovered the benefits of digital transformation, which was fast-tracked thanks to the quick-thinking required by event organisers during a period of lockdowns and restrictions. The lessons of these 2 years have also prompted to develop its event app, created by Appmiral, to ensure that it better meets the needs of the industry. In this article, we'll give you an overview of how using a mobile festival app can help you take advantage of digitalisation. Get ready to fast-track your bounce-back strategy: 6 ways to boost your Covid comeback.

Jasmijn Stenzler
Jasmijn Stenzler,
Product Marketer Ticketing

1. Digital Transformation

Thanks to the need to have a digital strategy and online visibility during the pandemic, many event organisers have embraced technology like never before and are beginning to see its true value. 

As real-life events were no longer possible, there was a bigger need than ever for events organisers to engage with their fan base and provide online experiences. This was only helped by the fact that most event attendees are Gen Z and Millennials. These individuals are very tech-savvy and not “mobile-first” but “mobile-only” when it comes to what they use for accessing their primary source of information, meaning digital transformation is no longer optional; it’s a necessity.

2. Real-Time Communication

Communication was important during the pandemic for two reasons. It made certain everyone was kept up-to-date regarding the ever-changing regulations while ensuring fanbases were engaged and weren’t forgotten. Therefore, a digital connection was necessary. 

A festival or event is more than just an event that happens every year that people go to. Many of the fans who attend do so because they identify themselves with the music, the bands that are playing, the atmosphere, and/or other attendees. In most cases, it’s a subculture, and attendees look forward to it. This means that most are looking for year-round communication and content associated with the event. Events businesses need to stop thinking in editions, but instead, as a brand that should grow their digital audience through the use of positive and engaging communication that reinforces their message. 

Push notifications, for example, are one way to do this throughout the year. You can link a push message with a card on the engagement feed, send a push message before the event with practical information, or send one during the event when the artist of preference is about to perform. What’s more, you can embed pictures in the push notification. This is important as it not only adds that personal touch, but it keeps fans engaged for much longer periods - not just during the event itself. 

3. Complete Flexibility

By using an event app, you can change your content easily and quickly, through the use of a very dummy-proof content management system (CMS). This was valuable during Covid times as rules and restrictions changed at the drop of a hat. However, it still proves useful today. When using a website, for example, there’s a chance that some visitors won’t see new messages, but by combining flexible content with push notifications, you make sure they’re never missed again. This can be used to provide other engaging content when, for example, other information is temporarily irrelevant, for example, the ticket shop when the event is sold out, or a mobile order page for beverages before or after the event has taken place.

4. Crowd Management

By applying geofencing in the event app you can analyse the crowded and less crowded places. In a heatmap, you’ll clearly see the popular or less popular areas. Via a push message, you can make your visitors aware of specific parts of a venue or site that are busier than others, and advise them to move to less-busy, alternative spaces such as bars or food stalls with smaller queues to ensure effective crowd management. An example to reduce overcrowding is by sending safety updates or, for example, offering discounts at bars in less-crowded areas. A win-win-win situation for organisers, visitors, and caterers. 

5. Touchless Everything

Contactless technology of all kinds became the norm during the pandemic, with many event organisers opting for this to ensure customer safety. However, it’s become clear that there are benefits to adopting touchless systems even after the pandemic, with many organisers adopting it as a standard after realising its potential as a more efficient and sustainable option. It also provides a better experience for all while proving not to have much effect on organisers’ budgets. This includes visitors keeping their tickets inside an in-app wallet for contactless ticket scanning. What’s more, this same technology enables mobile ordering via smartphones, which can also be integrated into the event app, ensuring everything is in one place. 

6. Professionalisation

With the event app, you can further professionalise your events business. There are two ways you can do this.

First, you can give your sponsors a slice of the digital experience by providing more sponsorship possibilities such as visibility to boost their on-site activations. Sponsorships and brand activations are an important part of most live events and festivals, so embedding them into your festival app is a logical step. The event app, created by Appmiral, has been designed specially to improve your sales strategies by creating new or expanding existing sponsorship deals.

The second way is by providing a seamless, top-notch digital experience for your visitors, replacing the need to print mailed tickets or venue maps without needing to leave the app. By bringing everything together in one place, you can use the app during an event to access your ticket, get music suggestions, order food, see where the nearest toilet is, see in real-time where you friends are and get push message when your favourite artist is about to play. Your visitors will be nothing but impressed with the service you can provide them.

Covid, Who?

So, if you’re an event organiser looking for a solution that can help springboard your business back to life like the pandemic never even happened, while simultaneously taking the visitor experience to the next level, then look no further than the event app, created by Appmiral. We can help you take advantage of the opportunities in digitalisation and give your competitors a run for their money.

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Jasmijn Stenzler
Jasmijn Stenzler,
Product Marketer Ticketing
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