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Improve the candidate experience with WhatsApp Business Platform

WhatsApp is one of the biggest messaging solutions in the world. Globally, 2 billion people use WhatsApp and 100 billion WhatsApp messages are sent per day. Therefore, WhatsApp is a vital channel for businesses to communicate with their audiences. In the recruitment market, WhatsApp has become even more common to invite potential job seekers to contact the recruiters or the other way around.

In the already competitive recruitment market, WhatsApp brings a lot of advantages. Integrating WhatsApp Business to your software is easy to do, and brings a lot of value to your customers.

What is the added value of integrating WhatsApp Business to your software

  • Candidates apply via WhatsApp

When a job listing has been published, the candidate should be able to easily contact the recruiter and receive quick responses to any questions to get the conversation going. Using WhatsApp, once the candidate has started a conversation, it’s easy to continue the conversation, as well as do a quick scan about the person through their WhatsApp profile, like name, description, and picture.

  • Two-way communication

The candidate can contact the recruiter about new job listings via WhatsApp, but it’s also a great opportunity for the recruiter to get to know the person on the other side of the line by asking questions about their previous work experiences and preferences.

Besides that, WhatsApp allows you to also share PDFs for CV’s and videos which creates a richer conversation.

  • Data, privacy and more

What’s been said on WhatsApp, stays on WhatsApp. WhatsApp securely backs up contacts, files and chat histories so there should be no fear of losing the information.

  • Automatic replies via chatbots

Too many incoming requests? A first selection process? Or want to take away pressure from staff? A WhatsApp chatbot is the answer! It’s easy to use a scripted chatbot to handle the first incoming questions and answers before they are handed over to a recruiter.

  • Contract completion via Sign

Having contracts digitally signed saves time compared to traditional, wet signing. It allows candidate to sign documents on the move, anywhere, anytime. It also saves time from 12 days to 1 day. Imagine the effect that has!

A unique aspect of is that we’re licensed and able to let companies sign contracts via WhatsApp. With’s Sign solution, inviting users to sign digitally via email and SMS was already possible, but since June 2021 WhatsApp Business Solution has been added.

How to integrate the WhatsApp Business API into your software

The WhatsApp Business API is easy to integrate. The documentation is available in different languages and can be connected to any type of software. During and after the integration we offer 24/7 technical support for free. We’re a licensed WhatsApp Business partner, and after integrating you have direct access to WhatsApp. handles the hosting, maintenance, and update processes on behalf of the enterprise. also provides businesses with extra tailored solutions to drastically reduce development resources on the enterprise side. In the end, this enables you to enter a market and scale up quickly while relying on the infrastructure and solutions of a strong partner. Partnering with will ensure that you have access to a feature-rich and scalable solutions.

Empower your customer experience

The recruitment market is competitive, so you want to offer your customers the best solution to stay ahead of the game. WhatsApp is personal, low-key and easy to integrate. A great addition to your software.

Discover more about how you can improve the candidate experience through notifications, Message Templates and more via our WhatsApp Business Platform For Recruitment one-pager, or speak to a member of the team.

Discover more about how you can improve the candidate experience.
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