LINE for Business

Revolutionise Southeast Asian Markets with LINE

Engage with your customers on the leading chat app in Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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Elevate Sales and Customer Satisfaction with LINE

LINE offers more than just messaging – it's a versatile business solution that can revolutionise your customer engagement. Dive into various use cases to see how LINE for Business can work wonders for your specific needs and goals.

Discover the Benefits of LINE for Business

Connect with 230M+ Users

With access to LINE's large user base of over 230 million monthly active users, you can connect with a broad audience, expanding your reach and potential customer base.

Grow Customer Engagement

Use LINE's interactive features, including chatbots, stickers, and multimedia messaging, to drive personalised and engaging interactions, nurturing stronger customer relationships.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Enhance customer satisfaction through efficient, round-the-clock support through personalised assistance, whether it's via a 24/7 chatbot or direct contact with an agent.

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Connect with Your Customers on Their Preferred Chat App

LINE is immensely popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand, and is rapidly growing in Indonesia. If your customers are in these regions, using LINE is essential.

Why LINE for Business?

24/7 Availability: Consumers expect instant responses. Use chatbots and live agents to provide real-time support for an exceptional customer experience.

Meaningful Journey: With inbound and outbound messaging for marketing, notifications, and live chat, LINE enriches every customer phase.

Creative Engagement: Embrace rich messaging formats like images and videos to make your brand stand out.

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Why Choose for LINE

  1. Fast implementation and migration
  2. Integrate via API or software
  3. Premium customer support
  4. GDPR-compliant & secure

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