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Attraction Ticketing for the Ultimate Experience

Timeslots, groups & education bookings and an integrated channel manager for museums, zoos and parks.

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How to Get Started?

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    Create your ticket types

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    Set timeslots & availability

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    Write content

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    Open your ticket shop

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    Start your ticket sales

timeslots and availability

Easy Timeslots and Availability

Timeslots with a maximum availability are the best way to manage the spread of visitors throughout the day. A better distribution will prevent long queues and a crowded venue, resulting in a better overall visitor experience. Timeslots also give you live insight into how many people will come to visit at a specific day and time, helping you to anticipate busy moments with the right staff planning.

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    Easy to set up and manage

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    Exceptions for closed or variable days

  3. checkbox checked icon

    Availability groups for multiple events

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groups education bookings

Groups & Education Bookings

Whether it's a business outing, a group of international tourists or a school trip, groups are important for your business. Offer special group deals, educational tours, and make booking for groups quick and frictionless.

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    Special pricing for groups

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    Multiple bookings per order

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    Create guided tours

  4. checkbox checked icon

    Offer educational tours

channel manager

Channel Manager

Our Channel Manager enables you to easily offer your tickets through international and local resellers. Travel agents can offer your tickets directly to their customers, and online resellers will list your products on their website.

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    Expand your reach internationally via online resellers

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    Simple web-based ticket sales module for local partners

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    800+ reseller already connected to the platform

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Extra Features of Our Ticketing Solution

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Full content control

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Vouchers & Giftcards

Batches or Single

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Cash Register API

All major suppliers

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Google Things To Do

Ticket integration

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Scan App

iOS and Android

But There’s Much More...

ticket kiosk

Self-service Ticket Kiosk

The majority of your visitors will purchase tickets in advance, but for visitors who just show up, you want to offer a great experience too. Our self-service ticket kiosks enable walk-ins to buy a ticket quickly at the entrance, and enter without queuing!

Your Own Branding and Identity

Your Own Branding and Identity

Your ticket shop will be completely styled in your own visual identity for a seamless ticketing experience on your website. Editing the content of your ticket shop is easily done in the CMS.

Insightful Data & Analytics

Insightful Data & Analytics

Get real-time and detailed reports on sales, revenue, live availability, and more. Filter by sales channel, ticket type, date, and time to get more specific insights into your data.

More Than Just Ticketing

We understand that you need more than just a ticket shop. Purchasing a ticket is only one of many touchpoints that contributes to the experience of your visitor. Are you also constantly thinking about innovative ways to improve your visitor experience? Then we like to think along with you.


Museums & Parks

Discover all our solutions for museums & parks and give your visitors a unique experience.

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Event Ticketing

Manage the ticket sales for your event from start to finish with our self-service ticketing solution.

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Seated Ticketing

Offer assigned seating with intuitive seat selection to match your stadium or venue. 

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