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Get Started With Online Ticketing: 10 Reasons for Your Museum or Park

Digitization is impacting more and more industries, including the museums & parks industry. Despite this, most tickets are still sold at the box office rather than online. This is unfortunate, as there are numerous benefits to be gained. Not only does it ensure a smooth visitor experience, but it also offers interesting opportunities for your organisation. In this blog, you will discover 10 reasons why you shouldn't fall behind in this digital advancement.

1. Demand is Shifting

Ordering food through an app, or booking a hotel via a platform; doing business online is becoming increasingly normal. Gen Z and Millennials don't know any different and simply expect to be able to buy a ticket online. Recent developments have also accelerated digitalization among other generations. Many consumers have now discovered how convenient it is and the benefits it offers when going on a museum or park visit. Therefore, it's crucial for you not to lag behind and cater to this shifting demand.

2. Avoid Disappointment and Queues

Nothing is more frustrating for a visitor than standing in line for a ticket at the cash register. Lengthy payment processes and people with questions at the entrance only make the queues longer. The visitor also runs the risk of the museum being sold out or fully booked at that moment, especially inconvenient for international visitors. Avoid having your visitor start their experience with a negative encounter. With online ticketing, a visitor purchases tickets in advance. There's the certainty of access, and there's no need to wait in long queues.

3. A Relaxed Visit

At the box office, it's more difficult, but online you arrange it in no time: time slots. Time slots are used to allow a limited number of visitors per time slot. Through online ticketing, visitors can easily buy tickets for a preferred time slot. This prevents your museum from getting overcrowded and guarantees visitors a relaxed experience. Working with time slots also has benefits for your museum or park itself. Namely, it offers a better insight into the busy and quiet moments, making it possible to adjust staffing and other operational activities accordingly.

4. Safety & Hygiene

Quick access and time slots are also useful in terms of safety and hygiene. Visitors are no longer packed closely together in the queue. The contactless experience of purchasing tickets online minimizes physical contact between the visitor and your staff. Do you want to inform visitors about hygiene protocols, safety measures, any changes in opening hours, or specific rules? With a click of a button, you can send an email, WhatsApp message, or SMS in advance with all the necessary information.

5. Make Group Bookings Easier

Company outings, group trips, school excursions, and groups are important for your museum or park, especially on weekdays. Whether it's for individual visits or educational tours, organizers of these outings can smoothly book all tickets online at once. Through your dashboard, you can manage group bookings and create attractive offers with just a few clicks of a button. Save time with this simple way of working.

6. Generate Additional Revenue

At the box office, offering visitors additional options often takes too much time. A visitor doesn't want to hold up the queue and is less inclined to make additional purchases. Online, it's much easier to entice visitors to add extra options to their order. You can simply add extra steps to the ordering process, for example, to offer audio tours or access to an exclusive exhibition.

Another way to generate more revenue is through dynamic pricing. During peak times, you can charge higher prices since it's likely to sell out. Conversely, during quieter times, you can offer lower prices, for example, to attract students or retirees. This way, you optimize occupancy and increase your income.

7. More Donations

As a museum, you rely largely on donations. Lately, museums have been seeing fewer proceeds from donation boxes on-site simply because not everyone carries cash anymore. With online ticketing, you make it easier for visitors to donate. Add a donation button at the appropriate place in the online ordering process and let visitors choose how much they want to donate.

8. Expand Your Reach Through Resellers

Working with resellers is an easy way to sell tickets faster. Resellers often have a large reach both nationally and internationally. Additionally, you can directly benefit from their marketing and promotions, saving you costs. Various resellers include hotel chains, OTA's (Online Travel Agencies), and tour operators like GetYourGuide, Klook, ANWB, 9292, and Viator. With our Global Reseller module, you can easily manage all your resellers from one dashboard that is linked in real-time to your online ticketing capacity.

9. More Data At Your Disposal

Another significant advantage of online ticketing is that as a museum or park, you have access to much more data for analysis and optimizations. Generate detailed reports on ticket sales, product popularity, marketing campaigns, peak times, visitor numbers, and visitor interests. Alternatively, gather feedback after a visit through a feedback form. Utilize all this information to make better-informed decisions and identify opportunities for growth.

10. Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Having information about your visitors also elevates your marketing efforts. Step 1 for this is getting to know your visitors better. A lot of information can already be found in their behavior and the choices they make during the ordering process. For example, the type of ticket they choose (senior, student, or other), whether they have a museum pass, if they are using a partner's discount campaign, or if they opt for additional products during the ordering process. Based on this, you can approach them in the future.

Additionally, it's smart to request additional data such as their age or their favorite artist or attraction. All this data is stored in a Customer Data Platform, and from here, you can execute marketing campaigns. A visitor who receives an email tailored to their interests is more likely to make a purchase than with a general newsletter. Ultimately, this leads to increased revenue.

All-In-One Ticketing Solution for Museums and Parks

Are you convinced that there is a lot to gain with online ticket sales? Start now with Museums & Parks Ticketing, a user-friendly and efficient ticketing solution where visitors can purchase a ticket within 30 seconds. Add modules for resellers, marketing, a customized CMS, branded ticket shop, and point-of-sale software. All designed in your own branding and design, it's a great way to kickstart a seamless online and offline visitor experience.

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