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A complete ticketing solution that has everything you need for a smooth online and offline visitor experience.

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The Solution You Are Looking For

Support for your visitors

Our team answers all of your visitors' questions so you can focus on other things.

Online & offline

Avoid overbooking by utilizing a single capacity for both online ticket sales and door sales.

Resell possibilities

Expand your reach by using the resell module and sell your tickets through international and local partners.


Stay in control by using your own CMS where you can manage and customize your own ticket street.

Branding & design

Transform your ticket shop into an online version of your museums or park by applying your own branding and design.


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timeslots and availability

Easy Timeslots and Availability

Get a better spread of visitors with time slots. Manage everything in the CMS, adjust quickly when needed, or make exceptions for variable or closed days.

  1. Avoid crowds and queues

  2. Ensure maximum occupancy

  3. Get better insight into peak moments

  4. Provide a better visitor experience

groups education bookings

Groups & Education Bookings

Whether it's a company outing, a group of international tourists or a school trip, groups are important for your business. Offer special group deals, educational tours, and more.

  1. Manage all group bookings in one place

  2. Save time by quickly creating group bookings

  3. Increase sales by offering additional tours and guided tours

  4. Ensure high occupancy also on weekdays


Ensure a Smooth Entrance With Our POS Software

Make use of our user-friendly POS software that ensures a smooth flow of visitors at the entrance.

  1. Self-service kiosk to let visitors buy their tickets themselves

  2. Online and offline ticketing from a single capacity

  3. Customise dashboard for different points of sale

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Expand Your Reach With Global Reseller

Our Global Reseller enables you to easily offer your tickets through international and local resellers. Travel agents can offer your tickets directly to their customers, and online resellers will list your products on their websites.

  1. Expand your reach internationally via online resellers

  2. Simple web-based ticket sales module for local partners

  3. 800+ reseller already connected to the platform

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Extra Features of Our Ticketing Solution

Give your visitors the opportunity to redeem vouchers and gift cards.

Let your visitors quickly buy their tickets through their Google search.

Provide a smooth flow of visitors through our free app for iOS and Android.

Adjust the price of your tickets according to supply and demand.

Generate additional income by using our donation module.

Customer Story - Moco Museum

Moco Museum is a museum of today and uses's smart technologies to stand out and always remain innovative. To meet today's high expectations of visitors, it is important to provide a unique experience for success and engagement.

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Our experienced team has already successfully helped hundreds of museums and parks with ticketing. Wondering what we can do for you? Schedule a no-obligation DEMO to discover the possibilities together!

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Ticket type Price
Ticket type Price

Online Fee Basic

€0,55 per ticket

Offline Fee (Cash Register)

€0,10 per ticket

Group booking Fee

€0,30 per ticket

Additional Product

€0,30 per ticket

Free Ticket

€0,15 per ticket

Reseller Fee

€0,30 per ticket

Phone Support

€0,10 per ticket

Museums & Parks

Discover all our solutions for museums & parks and give your visitors a unique experience.

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Event Ticketing

Manage the ticket sales for your event from start to finish with our self-service ticketing solution.

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Seated Ticketing

Offer assigned seating with intuitive seat selection to match your stadium or venue. 

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9 Essential Features for Your Museum or Park’s Online Ticketing Software

Buying a ticket at the entrance of your park or museum remains important, but an online ticketing system is indispensable nowadays. Whether you already sell tickets online or want to start doing so, choosing the right ticketing software can be complicated. Look for a partner that contributes to a smooth visitor experience, helps you work more efficiently, and perhaps even generates additional revenue. To get you started, here are the 9 features that a good online ticketing system for any museum or park should have.

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Get Started With Online Ticketing: 10 Reasons for Your Museum or Park

Digitization is impacting more and more industries, including the museums & parks industry. Despite this, most tickets are still sold at the box office rather than online. This is unfortunate, as there are numerous benefits to be gained. Not only does it ensure a smooth visitor experience, but it also offers interesting opportunities for your organisation. In this blog, you will discover 10 reasons why you shouldn't fall behind in this digital advancement.

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Ticketing as First Touchpoint of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix Fan Experience

Ticketing is the first touch point of the total experience for every event, so also for the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix. That's why you want it to run smoothly so that everyone who can get a ticket looks forward to their visit. However, due to the immense popularity of Formula 1, there is a lot of interest in tickets for this event - more than there are actual tickets. Therefore, the Dutch Grand Prix was looking for an innovative ticketing system to help them manage ticket allocation smoothly, and offered the solution.

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