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9 Essential Features for Your Museum or Park’s Online Ticketing Software

Buying a ticket at the entrance of your park or museum remains important, but an online ticketing system is indispensable nowadays. Whether you already sell tickets online or want to start doing so, choosing the right ticketing software can be complicated. Look for a partner that contributes to a smooth visitor experience, helps you work more efficiently, and perhaps even generates additional revenue. To get you started, here are the 9 features that a good online ticketing system for any museum or park should have.

1. POS Software and Online Ticketing From a Single Capacity

Because door sales are still important, it is essential that your online ticketing partner also has cash register software. This way, you avoid overbooking by utilizing a single capacity for both online ticket sales and door sales. In addition, you also have the same point of contact for all your ticketing inquiries. Even better is if you can also set up self-service kiosks at the entrance. Visitors can then buy their tickets faster, resulting in fewer queues. If you want to know more about this, you can read the top 10 must-haves for museum or park cash register software here.

pos-kassa-tickets2. Flexibility With Dynamic Pricing

A good online ticketing system also provides the possibility to respond with prices to supply and demand. For example, generate extra revenue by increasing ticket prices on popular days and make quiet days more attractive by offering a reduced rate. This way, more students and retirees, for instance, will plan their visit, ultimately resulting in selling more tickets. Dynamic pricing also allows you to respond flexibly to different circumstances, such as holidays, festive days, or events in the city.

3. Expand Your Reach With Resellers

Using resellers is a smart way to sell tickets faster and reach more people both locally and globally. You only pay a fee per sold ticket. The resellers handle their own promotion, saving you time and additional promotional costs. With Global Reseller, you get a clear dashboard where you can easily make changes, linked to your ticketing software, ensuring real-time capacity updates. You can see how many tickets you sell per reseller and adjust your strategy accordingly.

global-reseller4. Own Branding and Design

Make sure you have the possibility to set up your ticket shop with your own branding and design instead of using a standard template. This way, you have a professional appearance and show that you care about all aspects of the (online) customer journey. This increases the visitors' trust and leaves a positive impression. At the same time, ensure a user-friendly and simple interface for the ticket shop, allowing visitors to navigate quickly through the purchasing process. Take a look at this example to see what our user-friendly ticketing interface looks like.

5. User-Friendly CMS

You don't want to be too reliant on your ticketing partner. That's why you need a CMS where you can easily make changes yourself, such as opening hours, closed days, prices, images, texts, and more. Keep control in your own hands so that you can quickly respond to changes, such as last-minute events, special offers, or other modifications. Once you've made these changes, you can communicate them directly to your visitors without delay or dependence on others.

6. Integration With Google Things to Do

An online ticketing system integrated with Google Things To Do has an advantage. With this popular feature within Google Search, visitors can buy their tickets directly from your ticket shop through Google. As a result, more people discover your museum or park through Google, as you are included in relevant search results and platform recommendations. The seamless user experience of purchasing a ticket in just a few clicks also boosts the revenue of your museum or park.


7. Customer Service to Save Time

As a museum or park, your strength lies in providing an unforgettable visitor experience. Therefore, it's a plus if the ticketing partner you choose also offers customer support. These suppliers often have more expertise and knowledge to answer technical questions related to the system, can quickly respond to issues, and have efficient tools to handle multiple inquiries simultaneously. This way, your visitors receive quick and clear answers to their questions, resulting in an improved visitor experience.

8. Marketing Possibilities

It's convenient if your partner offers marketing possibilities, allowing you to send emails, WhatsApp, and SMS messages from the same platform. Gather all visitor information in the Customer Data Platform and inform them about their upcoming visit or request feedback with just a few clicks. Save preferences such as which exhibition someone is visiting, whether they have a Museumjaarkaart, and the type of ticket they purchased (e.g., senior, student, etc.). Based on this data, you can automatically send valuable promotions. For example, if someone showed previous interest in an artist with a new exhibition, send them an email with a nice discount. This way, you boost ticket sales in a smart and efficient manner, which is also valuable for your visitors.


9. Integration Online Marketing Platforms

Of course, you also want to know how your marketing efforts on external sources are performing. Therefore, it is important that your ticket shop is integrated with Google Analytics 4 or Meta. Without this integration, it can cost you a lot of extra work and time. With the integration, you can directly see where the majority of traffic is coming from, which channels are generating the most conversions, and which specific campaigns are the most effective. With this information, you can improve your marketing campaigns, allocate your budget more effectively, and ultimately sell more tickets.

Don’t Forget These Features

Of course, there are many more important features that almost every system has. When choosing online ticketing software, it's wise to check if these features work well. Consider the following

  • Timeslots for smooth entrance

  • Donation module to generate additional income

  • Group and schools module to easily arrange bookings for groups

  • Scan-app to download on your mobile phone

  • Advanced reporting and analysis

The Ticketing Software System for Your Museum or Park

After reading this story, it may seem like quite a checklist to take into account. However, has developed a complete ticketing solution in collaboration with various major museums and parks. This system is perfectly tailored to provide a smooth online and offline visitor experience specifically designed for museums and parks. Based on industry feedback and new technology, we continuously develop and improve this system. Through this innovative approach, we ensure a ticketing software system that is always up-to-date and meets your wants and needs.

Would you like more information? Our team is ready to help!

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Would you like more information? Our team is ready to help!

Get in touch Discover ticketing
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