Start a Two-Way Conversation With Your Customers.

Get your long number or short code for Two-way SMS and access all other popular communication channels using one single API.

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Choose Between a Short Code or Long Number

Grow Your Reachability at Minimum Cost

Dedicated Short Code

A dedicated short code is dedicated to your brand. Choose between a random short code or opt for a vanity short code and choose the number you want to use.

Shared Short Code

A shared short code is is a more cost-effective solution. You'll be assigned a unique SMS keyword, but you will share the short code with other businesses.

Long Number

Long numbers are cheaper to use than short codes and allow you to receive replies and phone calls from customers from international destinations. 

How to Apply for a Short Code or Long Number?

Register your business on our platform and request your number directly via the Channels dashboard. Pricing will vary depending on the number and country. Each country has its own rules and regulations in terms of configuration and billing.

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two-way messagin with short code and keyword

Start Global Conversations With Two-way SMS

Two-way messaging starts with either a dedicated or shared short code or a long number. Enabling Two-way messaging via short codes and long numbers will allow your business to receive messages and replies from your customers at minimum cost to start meaningful two-way conversations.

Communicate your number for customers to reach you on, enabling real-time interaction and enhancing the customer experience.

  1. Improve your service or business with surveys

  2. Gather votes for any voting campaign

  3. Allow donations for your charity

  4. Receive instant responses from customers or leads

Simplified Multi-Channel Messaging Through a Single API

Go beyond SMS and reach your customers exactly where they are on the channel they prefer. Easily increase your customers engagement and connect to all channels via one Business Messaging API.

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Connect to All Relevant Messaging Channels

In the age of multiple screens, multi-channel messaging and marketing have become the rule rather than the exception. Our API combines all important communication channels into a single platform, providing you with a high-volume and two-way customer engagement solution.

Choose to deliver your messages via SMSWhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Voice or Push and start delivering via the channels your customers prefer most.

All Messaging Channels

How to Get Started With Two-Way Messaging

Create an Account on the Platform

Fill in your details, create a free account on our platform and take your next step in Two-Way Messaging.

Create an account

Apply for a Short Code or Long Number

Enable Two-way messaging in the Channels app via short codes or long numbers. Allow your business to receive messages and replies from customers and start meaningful two-way conversations.

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Connect to All Other Channels

Start and continue the conversation through all available channels suited for your business, making sure you never miss out on any communication opportunities.

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