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RMAs WhatsApp Business virtual assistant simplifies employee compliance for businesses

Mutual assurance organisation Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) provides injury on duty insurance to employees in the mining and metals industry. Using the WhatsApp Business solution, they’ve now made it easier for SMEs to comply with South African regulations.

For South African companies, employee welfare is an issue you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Ensuring that your employees work under conditions that meet the requirements of the prescribed labor laws, not only benefits their health on a personal and physical level.

It also helps maintain the long-term well-being of your company.

In a country where small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) are constantly challenged by stringent regulations and the market-advantage of bigger businesses, the knowledge of an expert in employee compliance will benefit business practices.

Rand Mutual Assurance

RMA is focused on the receipt, adjudication and administration of workers’ compensation claims, which includes the payment of medical costs, once-off disability payments and the continuous pay-out of pensions in the case of severe disability or death.

To support this process, RMA offers a market leading claims management IT system.

The integrated system ensures high levels of service and a quick and paperless claims procedure.

Moreover, the system now also incorporates the ease of use that is offered with the communication channel WhatsApp.

RMA’s WhatsApp Business virtual assistant

Through a partnership with, RMA has created a WhatsApp Business virtual assistant to make it easier for SMEs to comply with the country’s regulations.

Through the WhatsApp Business virtual assistant, SMEs can do their compliancy assessment with ease.

These SMEs can declare the number of employees they have and the average earnings per employee, thus guaranteeing compliance.

All this is done within the context of utmost confidentiality.

Should SMEs require access to real human support beyond the virtual assistant, this is also possible.

The video below shows how easily the compliancy assessment can be performed.

In order to provide this WhatsApp virtual assistant, RMA collaborated with several experts with the required in-depth knowledge.

eSoft Development and Technologies was responsible for the development of the virtual assistant, whilst iSolve ensured business processes and validations were adhered to from a compliance perspective. provided the WhatsApp Business application programming interface (API) for the solution.

This partnership has resulted in the creation of a streamlined solution which is ideally suited for independent SMEs and individuals – it speaks to the convenience of the technology.

SMEs can quickly ensure their workers are cared for to put their minds at ease.

RMA’s IT team has also built an AI learning bot which will be integrated with system platforms that handle the status of claims.

Users can then access required information by using the WhatsApp Business virtual assistant.

With RMA’s WhatsApp Business virtual assistant, SMEs can ensure that they are on the right side of the law when it comes to workmen’s compensation compliance.

Want to get started with the WhatsApp Business solution?

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