Inbound Direct Dial-in Numbers.

Order global dial-in (DDI) numbers or port existing numbers directly from our platform.

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Inbound Numbers for Customer Contact

Whether you have a high capacity help desk or require your company to be reachable via a local number - we offer direct dial-in numbers that can be ordered directly from our Voice Management App.

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Direct dial-in numbers

Access Geographic and Non-geographic Phone Numbers

Establish the perception of having local and national presence using the platform. Using the Voice Management App, you can request geographic and non-geographic local numbers in almost any country around the world.

Getting started is easy thanks to our intuitive platform. Our rates are transparent and the capacity is scalable.

Do you have DDI numbers hosted at another provider? You can easily port them to the platform.

DDI Numbers Pricing

Geographic and non-geographic numbers

Country Monthly fee per number Setup fee
Country Monthly fee per number Setup fee

 10 or less numbers* 

Per number

South Africa

R 110,50

R 85,00

How to Request an Inbound Number?

  1. Request inbound numbers

  2. Start receiving calls within 5 days

Receive Worldwide Calls

We can easily port all numbers to the platform so you can combine all services into our platform and reduce your outbound costs at the same time.

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