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Order global dial-in (DDI) numbers, Toll-Free, and Premium numbers, or port existing numbers directly from our platform.

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Inbound Numbers for customer contact

Worldwide Coverage

Benefit from global coverage of local direct dial-in (DDI) numbers, local and abroad.

Scalable Platform

We offer scalable concurrent call capacity, even for large-scale Premium Number campaigns.

Cost Effective

Select inbound numbers at competitive rates. Our prices are transparent with scalable capacity.


Access geographic and non-geographic phone numbers

Whether you have a high capacity help desk or require your company to be reachable via a local number - we offer direct dial-in numbers that can be ordered directly from our Voice Management App.

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How to request an inbound number?

  1. Request numbers in Voice Management
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Direct dial-in Numbers

Are you doing business internationally? Customers abroad are less likely to call a local number outside of their home country - calling abroad is often more expensive. 

At CM.com, we provide you with local numbers in almost any country around the world. Our rates are transparent and the capacity is scalable. Do you already have DDI numbers hosted at another provider? We can easily port them to the CM.com platform.

Toll-Free Numbers

Do you have a help desk, service number, or technical support your customers can call? These are services you typically want to offer for free.

To enable such free service, we offer Toll-Free numbers in numerous countries around the world. With inbound numbers, you'll lower the barrier for customers to reach you since all callers can call from a local landline for free.

Receive Worldwide Calls

We can easily port all numbers to the CM.com platform so you can combine all services into our platform and reduce your outbound costs at the same time.

Find detailed pricing for our DDI numbers in the Voice Management app on our platform.

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