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Hybridise live chat and chatbots to optimise customer service

If your customer service strategy doesn’t include live chat, you could be missing out on a big boost to customer satisfaction scores. Live chat offers short waiting times and the ability for customers to get on with their day while your team solves their issues. However, it can be a burden for your customer service team as a large proportion of their time is often spent dealing with repetitive questions that are easily answered but time-consuming to resolve.

A hybrid live chat and chatbot solution enables your team to engage with genuine customer issues via live chat, and allows simple, easily-solved problems to be dealt with by AI chatbots.

Clearly, we’re becoming more familiar and comfortable with chatbots in our daily lives. Capgemini research showed that 54% of respondents had AI-enabled interactions with organisations on a daily basis in 2020 versus just 21% in 2018, so it makes sense to utilise the latest chatbot technology to relieve the strain on your customer service team.

Chatbots are a fast-evolving space, so to make sure you’re on top of the latest developments, we’ve rounded them up below:

Benefits of live chat and chatbots for customer service 

Automate responses to frequently asked questions

A large percentage of the queries your customer service team receive will be repetitive, informational questions. Having a human respond to these questions is a poor use of their time. Instead, consider how an FAQ chatbot for example, could allow your team to focus their time on urgent, context-specific queries and let a chatbot handle the high-volume, low-urgency enquiries by responding with intelligent, personalised answers. 

With instant response times, allowing chatbots to do the heavy lifting increases customer satisfaction and, with AI at its core, your chatbot can learn from customer interactions, allowing it to take on more complex queries and saving your team even more time. 

DGP chatbot human agent questions

Chatbot to live agent handover

You might be wary of handing your customer service over to a chatbot, but alongside a multitude of safeguards is the ability to seamlessly hand a query over to a human agent should it become too complex for the chatbot to handle. The chatbot effectively screens messages for subject and intent and identifies how best to handle the query from there. 

Skills-based routing

As an added bonus, the chatbot can use the qualification stage to route specific queries to members of your team with the necessary expertise, allowing them to quickly and effectively deal with issues without the need to pass the customer around several team members, potentially aggravating existing frustrations. The platform also automatically transfers a transcript of the initial part of the conversation, allowing customer service agents to get up-to-speed quickly, removing the need for unnecessary duplicate scene-setting on the part of the customer. 

Get started with hybrid live chat and chatbots

Ensuring that your hybrid solution has all of the tools above is essential to make sure you’re getting value for money and optimising customer service.

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning techniques, your platform should be able to handle thousands of enquiries per day with simple setup and ROI generated from day one. 

By utilising Conversational AI, you can offer your customer service team a cost-effective chatbot with simple handover to a live chat agent where necessary. 

Equally, your platform should be equipped to handle everything from repetitive enquiries to more complex interactions, such as an insurance claim for example. 

Finally, making sure your platform is simple to maintain is essential. Drag and drop interfaces make updating and revising your chatbot simple and flexible, enabling real-time updates without the need for in-house coding skills. 

Get in touch, and we can talk you through the process and explain how our chatbot solutions can supercharge your customer service offering.

Discover more about live chat and chatbots for customer support.

Chatbots Live Chat

Discover more about live chat and chatbots for customer support.

Chatbots Live Chat
Theresa Bullock
Theresa Bullock,
Technical Consultant
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Theresa is a Technical Consultant for the UK&I. She is passionate about NLP, cutting-edge solutions and conversational AI technology. As an expert in her field, Theresa guides customers in implementing chatbots, voicebots and SaaS solutions.

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