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Jan 09, 2023
5 minutes read

Internal knowledge base chatbots: how to improve business operations

There’s a push and pull in a business where we are acutely aware of the need for individual, personalised team and customer communication. Still, we don’t always have the time or capacity to manage it. To this end, many opt to implement a robust internal knowledge base with an integrated chatbot functionality.

Is there a place for internal knowledge base chatbots in today’s company? Is this a feasible solution? Can this system make a real difference in business operations? We’re tackling some of these questions here.

Why use an internal knowledge base?

An internal knowledge base is a central hub of your company information, from customer details to pricing and everything in between. The benefits of having this essential information in one place are numerous, not least because your entire team has access to the same information at any given time. This dynamic database instantly updates all players when changes are made, allowing them to work from a single source of truth.

Whether you’re operating a large organisation or a smaller enterprise with a remote team, there’s no doubt that access to the same information simultaneously makes for a truly professional outfit. 

What is an internal knowledge base chatbot?

When we think of chatbots, we automatically imagine those engaged in front-end communications, standing between the customer and the call centre and nurturing leads while we sleep. However, the same processes are applied internally where your entire team can access any information or make use of clever automated systems by asking your friendly, all-knowing chatbot.

While not a requirement for business operations, many businesses have chosen to program their chatbot to be - well - chatty. A friendly, witty, and engaged “personality” appeals to employees and makes each interaction that much more enjoyable.

NI Water, Missguided and Orbit have all used internal knowledge base chatbots to improve business processes.

How can an internal knowledge base chatbot improve my business processes?

Enhancing speed and efficiency are two of the major contributors to business growth and improvement; these are two of the elements that knowledge-base chatbots offer in spades.

Consider the following:

Employee training

Taking on new staff requires a lot of time and effort when getting them settled into their new role and trained up sufficiently. Customer service roles generally see a higher churn rate than other sectors, so it makes sense to fast-track their training and free up your senior staff for more customer-focused tasks. This is where an internal knowledge base chatbot can help to guide new hires in processes and procedures, locating information and working with new systems. 

Streamlining systems

When tied into your internal knowledge base, today’s chatbots double as an enormously efficient personal assistant to everyone in your organisation. They can manage calendars and remind people and teams of meetings, locate and organise documentation, and can be programmed to function within a complex HR department. 

As great as your service team are, there’s no way that any single person can know everything. So, you can expect your chatbot to step up and give anyone who requires it the most up-to-date information on products, pricing, locations, customers, policies and more. 

Customer service

Of course, excellent customer service is critical in today’s evolving business environment. Therefore, having functionality that offers every employee the same answers and then instructs them how to use this information in accordance with company policy presents a highly professional and unified front to your customers. They can also be used to respond to order status queries, provide tracking details, project updates, and provide follow-up communication.

As smart and useful as a chatbot is, it only as good as the information it is given. However, when paired with a solid internal knowledge base, it can feed, augment, and update company information based on its customer-facing interactions. In fact, chatbots can be incredible data-gathering monsters hoovering up information such as customer purchasing behaviour, common problems, and the most effective marketing messages.

Lightening the load

AI-driven chatbots take the load off your customer service team by answering frequently asked questions without the need for human interaction. A quick response and immediate answer to common customer questions keeps your customers happy and your team’s head above the water. Your staff can now put their service hats on to solve more complex problems and tackle progressive business tasks.

Cross-functional collaboration

We know well that a siloed or splintered organisational structure can be detrimental to operational flow. Therefore, many smart business owners make use of internal knowledge base chatbots for cross-team collaboration. Each department can easily share and update information leading to better understanding and greater efficiency between your teams. 

24/7 operation

When you’re running a remote team or your staff are spread across multiple time zones, chatbot functionality gets to show off a little. Always on, continually updating, and permanently chirpy - your chatbot is ready and willing to work whenever your team are, no matter how unsociable the hours are. 

A million times more than a chatbot

If you’ve been considering implementing an AI-driven chatbot - whether for your customers or your internal operations - we can assure you that you’re on a smart path. Giving your staff, no matter where they are, real-time, accurate access to the same information, data, policies, and systems is always going to end well for you. Augmenting this with a permanently happy virtual assistant may well give you superpowers. 

Are you ready to improve workflows, enhance customer service, and boost productivity within your team with Conversational AI Cloud?

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