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The gaming industry in numbers


of UK citizens aged 35-44 game remotely every month, more than any other age group. (Statista)


50% of people who access online gambling sites use their mobile phone. (Gambling Commission)

10.5 million

Of the 25 million UK adult customers, 10.5 million bet and game online. (Statista)


The UK gaming market is worth about £14.3 billion per year. 38.6% comes from online gaming. (Statista)

Gaming segments serves

Online casinos

Online casinos

Online casinos are growing in popularity. Allow online members to access customer service teams anywhere, anytime, to answer key questions and ensure a seamless, responsible, and secure gaming experience.

Sports events

Sports events

With a feast of sport on the horizon every year, there's plenty of action for your customers to enjoy. Betting companies need to answer customers' questions in real-time to help them place the right bet at the right time.

Online betting

Online betting

Remote and online betting is at the forefront of the UK gaming industry. Verify customers and keep their data and accounts secure with automation, two-factor authentication, and one-time SMS passwords.

How can help your business

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Let customers decide how, when, and where they contact you with an AI chatbot

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Verify customers with two-factor authentication and OTPs to ensure legal age

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Collate customers' history in one place to provide personalised assistance

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Mobile messaging

Reach your customers on their preferred messaging channels including WhatsApp

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Superior service

Streamline all conversations to increase quality with one omnichannel inbox

one time password

Safe and compliant

Online gaming involves various accounts, payment methods, and communication channels.

Keep your business and customers secure. Authenticate, login, and confirm identity safely and easily.

Personalise every interaction

Online gaming needs to provide the right information for customers, 24/7. Put the customer first, deliver a personalised experience, and build trust.

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Self-service has proven to be successful in gaming sector. Service at your customers' fingertips: fast & safe. Checking their balance, changing a password, or even placing a bet.

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Customers want to reach you via the channel they prefer. Via SMS, WhatsApp, Voice, Apple Messages for Business, or any other channel.

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Measure Customer Satisfaction with these 8 KPIs

Measure Customer Satisfaction with these 8 KPIs

Setting the right KPIs for your customer service team will give them focus and improve performance. Discover eight measurable KPIs and how you can use service software to measure results.

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