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Aug 12, 2021
4 minutes read

How to Ensure a Smooth Candidate Experience Without (digital) Hurdles

We all understand the concept of “customer first” and for most businesses, providing excellent customer service is one of their top priorities. Despite the competition for fresh talent on the job market, this concept does not guide how people think and conduct throughout the hiring process. When it comes to HR and recruitment, a digitalised process may be the way of the future.

Applying for jobs is a thing of the past

Today’s talent no longer apply for jobs traditionally. They constantly receive job offers via LinkedIn. They desire to learn more about themselves. They want to see and feel how an organisation operates, as well as its vision and culture, to choose whether or not they want to be a part of it.  As an employer, you must make it easy for candidates to contact you at any time during the hiring process. Use the channels they use, whether it is WhatsApp, webchat or Facebook Messenger. As an organisation, you’ll need to adapt.

Sign Documents Digitally

In today's competitive job market, candidates should encounter few obstacles this includes the process of signing a contract. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, many interactions are online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, instead of face to face. And then you ask a candidate to print and post a physical contract?! That doesn’t add up. Signing documents on paper is obsolete, expensive and time-consuming. It’s so easy to sign documents digitally and it’s all legally binding. It can really make a difference in the actual choice that a candidate makes if they have received 2 offers: one in a fully digital environment and one that has to be printed out and sent in an envelope.

The ability to send invites via SMS or email is available out-of-the-box but another great feature which must be noted is that Sign users are able to send invites via WhatsApp Business – which offers even more reason to get onboard.

Nine Hours Instead of Twelve Days

In addition to an employment contract, many other documents are suitable for digital signing such as lease agreements, loan contracts for laptops, payroll tax reduction forms or training agreements. The benefits are obvious; it saves a lot of time. The practice has shown that digital signing saves 10 minutes per document.

Even more important is the lead time for signing a contract. The average of 12 days has been reduced to less than 9 hours. In many industries time is of the essence. It also reduces the chance of candidates changing their minds before signing.

Improve Company Image

Digital signing reinforces the image of the organisation as modern and caring. Professionals are quite happy signing and sending contracts digitally. And at the same time, the organisation is contributing to the reduction of paper usage.

In addition to this, digital signing has another advantage: fewer mistakes. There is an initial on each page and documents don’t get lost or end up in the wrong file. And if that isn’t enough, the costs will definitely help to make the decision easier. Think about the costs for paper, printing, envelopes, postage and labour. If you are completely digital and you use the proper software, you can save up to three-quarters of the initial costs.

A Digital Buddy

The next step is the period between signing the contract and the first day of work. Many people experience that period as a gap. A lot of organisations could improve their onboarding process for instance with a chatbot, a sort of digital buddy. That way you can familiarise new employees with the company before their first day at work. You can deal with practicalities like collecting the rental car, arranging parking space, explaining which entrance can be used and setting up the first few meetings. But it could also be used to show a welcome video from the supervisor.

Use the proper tools and improve the candidate experience to attract the best talent. Preferably one system that provides you with all you need, instead of multiple systems, will make the process as efficient as it can be.

Sign is a simple, easily implementable solution for HR and Recruitment

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