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Jan 19, 2022
4 minutes read

How Sign Makes Signing Your Rental Contracts Easy in Minutes

Real estate businesses are constantly in search of technologies that will help them sell properties more quickly and effectively. However, the COVID-19 global pandemic forced businesses to innovate and re-evaluate how they conduct businesses. In these unprecedented times with almost half the world on some form of lockdown, businesses across the globe are forced to look for practical solutions to complete transactions.

With more transactions and rental agreements taking place online, it can be hard to work out how to get rental contracts documents signed remotely by customers. 

Implementing an electronic signature solution - Sign guarantees improved ways to produce, manage, and send legal documentation involved in a home or business purchase.

eSignature Solution for Real Estate: How Can You Improve Document Signing for Your Rental Business?

Signing a lease long distance is easier than ever with email and other digital technologies. Some leases can even be signed with digital signatures, so you can do everything right from your computer!

It’s quite simple! Buyers, sellers, and agents simply need a smartphone or tablet and the internet to sign legal documents. The electronic signature solution is a "must-have" feature that lets your client sign a lease, listing agreement, offer, or contract anywhere.

Traditionally, these have needed to be delivered by post or by hand - and there has always been the risk of lost documents.

With Sign, you can prevent this problem by giving your entire organisation access to a quick and simple alternative. Whether you opt for the Sign web-based application or the Sign API.  

This lets you get eSignatures from clients straight away. Save time rather than waiting for them to come into your office to sign or manually send out documents every time a customer requests a rental lease agreement.

How Sign Can Help You to Get Documents Signed Faster?

The process of digitising signatures couldn’t be more straightforward. eSignature software can be accessed via a web portal or included as part of an in-house app. This can be easily integrated into your existing digital tools to automate your workflows.

  • When documents are sent, they can be received by almost any device 24 hours a day. This means if a client requests a lease agreement outside of normal business hours, they can receive the document and then return it without involving you.
  • Sign,'s digital signing technology, enables customers to receive and sign documents on any device, from anywhere in the world. Through a variety of different channels such as WhatsApp Business Solution, email, and SMS. Not only does this offer greater convenience to your customer, but it also increases turnaround time and shows you are a digitally-savvy brand that prioritises convenience and accessibility.
  • Your documents can be signed from anywhere in the world. Your clients can access the documents they need to complete a rental lease agreement or leave an eSignature for a quote that you have given them.
  • The digital signing technology used by knows that whenever an order requires an eSignature, an associated document is always sent to the client. 

What Are the Other Benefits of Digital Document Signing?

Of course, you’ve read the benefits of getting documents signed digitally with Sign, but what are some of the additional benefits? Firstly, you can use less paper, which helps reduce the costs of stocking, printing, and sending documents and helps protect the environment. It’s also more secure to send documents digitally with Sign as they are encrypted and meet global security standards. 

The electronic signature solution gives realtors remote flexibility. They are capable of expanding the client base within and across different states or countries. It is no longer necessary for realtors to live close to their clients. eSignature vendors support cloud-based software, allowing both parties to eSign documents virtually from anywhere in the world.

Finally, it is a legally binding eSignature and e-commerce, and more specifically e-signatures are governed by the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, 2002 (ECTA).

Daily, the electronic signature facilitates interactions between companies, individuals, and public organisations. Being able to choose the level of security appropriate to the needs of companies. It allows us to rethink and modernise the way information and documents are accessed, managed, and secured within organisations.

eSignatures are part of an ongoing evolution in the world of document signing. They allow businesses to accelerate every step of the signing process, reduce costs, lower their environmental footprint, and complete agreements faster than ever before - all while complying with the latest regulatory demands. It’s difficult to achieve all that with a pen and paper.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Sign makes signing your rental contracts easy or want to chat through some use cases in your industry, get in touch with us today.

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