Important information of Dutch Star Companies ONE

14-04-2020 Minutes of the AGM of 20 February 2020 (Dutch) Read more
20-02-2020 Dutch Star Companies ONE extraordinary general meetings results; business combination effective 21 February 2020 Read more
19-02-2020 Annual Report 2019 Read more
19-02-2020 Dutch Star Companies ONE publishes 2019 FY results Read more
18-02-2020 Updates on developments regarding anticipated business combination Read more
22-01-2020 Timetable upcoming events Read more
09-01-2020 Press release BC Read more
09-01-2020 Press release Read more
09-01-2020 Shareholders circular Read more
09-01-2020 Convocation Read more
09-01-2020 Remuneration Policy MB Read more
09-01-2020 Remuneration Policy SB Read more
09-01-2020 Conceptakte statutenwijziging Read more
09-01-2020 Draft unofficial translation deed of amendment AOA Read more
09-01-2020 Fusievoorstel Read more
09-01-2020 Oproeping BAVA Februari 2020 Read more
09-01-2020 Volmacht BAVA Februari 2020 Read more
09-01-2020 Proposed amendments to articles of association Read more
30-04-2019 Voting results Read more
18-03-2019 Convocatie Read more
19-02-2019 Annual Report 2018 Read more
26-02-2018 Amendment of the Articles of Association per Settlement Read more
22-02-2018 Articles of Association Read more
22-02-2018 Board Rules Read more
22-02-2018 Audit Committee By-Laws Read more
22-02-2018 Insider trading policy Read more
22-02-2018 Relationship Agreement Read more