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All in one mobile platform

We specialise in mobile solutions that let you interact and engage with your customers and clients. Whether it’s messaging, voice, payments, apps or (digital) identification:'s mobile platform offers all solutions you need for mobile engagement and interaction with your target audience.

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Use the available channels, increase customer happiness

Enrich each step in the customer journey

Improve customer satisfaction

Be ahead of the customer's question. Send your customers notifications, updates and alerts at times they need it most. It will make your customers happy and diminishes pressure on support.

Optimize marketing and sales

Update your customers about special offers they don’t want to miss via the channels they use most. Easily reach your marketing goals by using extra messaging tools like mobile landing pages.

Enrich customer support

Seamlessly deliver the extra information your customers need to reach their buying decision through whichever channel they prefer. Make your customer support an effortless experience.

Messaging Solutions for every business department

Improve customer satisfaction, optimize marketing and sales and enrich customer support. Get your message across in every phase of the customer journey, through every channel necessary, and increase your customers' happiness.

All about Messaging

Simplified multi-channel messaging

Connect all relevant message channels in one API. Manage just one API instead of a separate API per channel, enable bi-directional messaging across all channels, and add rich content to enhance and enrich your service.

Multi-Channel Messaging

Chat Apps

Messaging tools

Expand your mobile messaging with our useful messaging tools. Get the most out of each message sent. Enrich your messaging with dedicated Mobile Landing Pages, Messaging Analytics, Address Book, and Opt-Out Management.

Enhance your business with Voice Solutions

Solutions for contact centers, enterprises, wholesale and more. Ideal for processing large volumes of phone traffic because of the premium quality connection. For both inbound and outbound traffic.

All about Voice Solutions

Payment Solutions: Meet the needs of your customers

Make the payments process easier. Accept payments from all over the world and use innovative payments solutions that will dazzle your customers with their ease. Enable your customers to donate and pay via their mobile devices.

All about Payments

Payment solutions

Specialized solutions

Every digital identification, sign, ticketing, and data solution you need to ease the process for yourself and your customer. One-time-passwords, address, age & identity verification, ticketing solutions, data and more.

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Customer Data Platform

Augment your marketing with a Customer Data Platform. By combining all marketing channels in one platform and connecting to CM Data, you can use the data gathered from all sources to create the perfect flow for every target group.

You can build segments that reflect a specific customer group and send them information they care about. Every customer experience will be personal and relevant. Accelerate marketing success.

  1. Unlimited number of data sources

  2. Get to know your customer

  3. Personalize communication with real-time segments

  4. Easy and accessible dashboards to analyze all your data

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Customer Data Platform

APIs and SDKs for Developers

Our APIs help you to connect your website or application to mobile chat apps globally.

You can integrate SMS, Chat apps, Voice, E-mail, Payment and Access functionalities.

Besides our APIs we offer SDKs to help you off to a quick start.

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