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Our messaging channels like SMS, Push and Hybrid messaging and chat app manager GIN put you right next to your target audience. These features enable engagement with consumers and let you send business critical messages to clients and staff. Personal, easy and cost-effective. We enable the highest quality to support your messaging applications and make sure your messages no longer go unnoticed.

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Consumers have embraced the convenience of mobile payments. Whether implemented in online shops, financial institutions or online newspapers, our payment solutions take the pulse of the mobile consumer. Through in-app, responsive website applications and SMS payments like Direct Carrier Billing and Premium SMS, we allow safe, easy and flexible payments for your products and services.

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One single layer of security is no longer enough to protect your company from cybercrime and malicious login attempts. You can now easily add Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for better protection in financial transactions and login sessions on online portals.

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Every missed call is a missed opportunity. With Voice and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you’ll improve your reach and ensure you never let a call go unanswered. Voice and IVR services are voice commands for (mobile) phone applications that are easy to integrate into pre-existing telephone systems. By increasing reach, you can quickly boost transactions and business.

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