Connecting for a Sustainable Tomorrow

We believe that technology can be used to drive positive change, and we are fully committed to integrating sustainability into our identity and strategy.

Connecting for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Our Sustainable Journey

At, we always have been fully committed to integrating sustainability into our identity and strategy and we will continue this journey, hereby acting as a frontrunner to developing technologies that benefit society and make life easier, safer, and more beautiful.

Annual Report 2023ESG Policy

Our ESG Roadmap


Double Materiality Assessment

Double Materiality Assessment ESG

Carbon Footprint 2023

ESG Carbon Footprint 2023


A] In 2023 an additional 4 electric cars were acquired and regular travel was back on the pre-Covid level.
B] In 2022 no private KM were included in the tC02. Next to that, regular was back on the pre-Covid level compared to 2022.
C] No leakage has taken place in 2023.
D] Since 2022 has used 100% renewable energy for all its locations in Breda.
E] For comparison purposes the 2022 market-based scope 2 has been calculated based upon the total KwH.
F] For 2023 and looking forward to 2024, the following categories are not applicable: 3.10 Processing of sold products, 3.12 End of life treatment, 3.13 Downstream of leased assets, 3.14 Franchises, 3.15 Investments. The remaining, not presented scope 3 categories, are currently works in progress.
G] In 2022 the travel tC02 was calculated in the period Jan-May 2022. This has been extrapolated for the total period 2022.

Total Overview Carbon Footprint 2023

Total Overview Carbon Footprint 2023

Latest News

July 2023: UN One Global Compact has extended its signatory to the UN One Global Compact, for a second year in a row.

July 2023: Zero Waste Week Breda

During the Zero Waste Week Breda, hosted a Digi-Data Dilemma Night.

June 2023: TechnoGirls partners with TechnoGirl Trust Partners to create STEM careers for South African Girls. has selected two beneficiaries to complete an internship programme at

June 2023: EcoVadis Silver Medal

For the second year in a row, is awarded an EcoVadis Silver Medal, with a higher score!

April 2023: SustainABLE

For the third time, was partner of SustainABLE of Avans Hogeschool Breda. has guided students during their research into a sustainability case.

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