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We have always been fully committed to integrate sustainability into our identity and strategy, please join our journey!


The Sustainable Journey of

At, we always have been fully committed to integrating sustainability into our identity and strategy and we will continue this journey, hereby acting as a frontrunner to developing technologies that benefit society and make life easier, safer, and more beautiful.

Annual Report 2022ESG Policy

Phases of the Sustainable Journey


Q1 2021: Reactive

Focus on Sustainability topics by complying with applicable laws, (self) regulations and certifications.


Q4 2021: Involved

We focus on the SDG's 8, 9, 12 & 13 based on a materiality and stakeholder analysis. Sustainability is added as a strategic pillar to our accelarated growth strategy.


2022: Committed

A long-term and global sustainability strategy is developed with targets and KPI's based on auditable realtime information.


2023-2024: Integrated

Voice of Society is integrated into thinking about long-term purpose value creation. Further steps in integrated reporting are taken. Sustainability is integrated into all our decionmaking.


2025: Futureproof

Our strategy is fully aligned with a circular economy and we are a frontrunner in the industry pushing for ESG standards.

Roadmap Sustainability

Future Proof - 2025

Q4 2021
  • chooses to focus on the SDG’s: 8, 9, 12 & 13

  • Key material topics

  • Sustainability Paragraph AR2021 (compliant to EU NFRD + EU Taxonomy wrt 1 + 2)

  • ESG-Manager appointed as per November 1, 2021

  • ESG is added as a strategic pillar to our accelerated growth strategy

  • ESG Roadmap 2022-2024 and Dashboard are approved by Board in December 2021

  • CFO is Board sponsor; ESG KPI included in its remuneration 2022

  • ESG Target-setting '22 + metrices + evidence

  • Start preparation CSRD*

  • AR22: EU NFRD + EU Taxonomy**

  • Create a connection between ESG, corporate values and strategic planning

  • Pro-actively reaching internal + external key stakeholders

  • controls its ESG narrative

  • AR23 + 24: EU Taxonomy + CSRD

  • Mandatory (limited) assurance on reported information

  • ESG in portfolio

  • Integrated reporting

  • ESG (“Voice of society”) into thinking about long-term purpose value creation

  • creates positive social impact

  • 2025: Futureproof: acknowledged as ESG frontrunner in conversational commerce

  • ESG Targetsetting '23-'25 + metrices + evidence

about us 2022

Sustainable Development Goals

With our sustainable journey, we support the following four Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations

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    SDG8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

  2. checkbox checked icon

    SDG9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

  3. checkbox checked icon

    SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

  4. checkbox checked icon

    SDG13: Climate Action

Annual Report 2022

Latest News


UN One Global Compact

April 2022: is a signatory to the UN Global Compact and its 10 Principles in the areas of Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption


EcoVadis Certificate

June 2022: receives EcoVadis Silver Medal!


June 2022: EWPN/VBIN Event

Together with VBIN and EWPN hosted a Tech & Payments event to make diversity matter in FinTech.


May 2022: SustainABLE Avans Hogeschool

For the second time, was partner of SustainABLE of Avans Hogeschool Breda. has guided students during their research into a sustainability case.


June 2022: Zero Waste Week Breda

During the Zero Waste Week Breda, hosted a Dragon's Den event at its HQ.


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