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Sep 28, 2022
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How can I add users on a Platform account?


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The user management feature allows you to add / delete users and change their roles on your platform account.

⚠️ Note: Only the platform owner and administrator are allowed to add users.

1. Go to Manage Account in the top-right menu.


2. Select Users


3. Add a user by clicking the "+" button.

4. Select the correct role and the users e-mail address, and click "Invite"


what is the difference between the roles?

Platform owner

Is allowed to do everything within an organisation. This is the only user who can do a top up / payment within the account.


Is allowed to everything within a specific account, except making any payments.


Is allowed to work within a specific account

  1. The invited user will receive an e-mail and should click the link in that e-mail.
  2. Click on "Join now"
  3. The invited user should fill in his/her personal details. Or if they already have an existing account they can login with thier credentials.

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