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Sep 14, 2022
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What are the different user roles for a platform account?

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What are the different the user roles for a platform account?


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There are 3 different user roles within the platform account:

  1. Platform Owner: a Platform Owner (PO) is the owner of an organization with one or more accounts and has access to all functionalities of the platform. This person can view the invoices, gateway setting and other POs, administrators and users. This person can also edit various details of the account, such as the emails to which invoices are sent or the address of the company.

  2. Administrator: an Administrator can only use one or more accounts for which he has been invited by another PO or administrator. He himself can only add and remove administrators and users. An administrator has almost the same functionalities as a platform owner, but then for the specific logical account they are administrator on. An administrator is not allowed to see the finance section on the platform.

  3. User: A User can only work with the apps within an account to which he has been invited by a PO or administrator. Furthermore, this person does not have access to finance, gateway settings, organization data, etc. This role cannot add or remove other roles.

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