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Nov 30, 2022
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How do I see the data of my multipart Messages?


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A SMS has a maximum number of characters that can be sent in one message. This means that when a very long SMS is sent, it is split up into multiple parts. This is called a multipart message.

The receiver of a multipart message will not know that the message was split up into multiple parts, but he will receive it as one big message. Multipart messages only apply for SMS.

In Message log it is possible to see which message is a multipart message, and to view more information about each of its parts. A multipart message is shown as a single row in the table.

When looking at the status for a multi part message, it will state “Multipart”. This is because the different parts within the multi part message can have different statuses. Open the message details to view each status for each part.

In the table for multipart messages, the ~ symbol will be shown in the price and time columns, to indicate that the values are approximated. Open the message details to view exact time and price for each message part.


Example single row of a multipart message

Specific and accurate information about the multipart message is shown in the message details. The message details are separated for multipart messages in 2 sections:

Section 1: All combined and common values of all the parts

Section 2: All specific values of a single part

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