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Nov 30, 2022
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How to see the Message Content in Message Log 2.0?


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The Message Log may contain privacy-sensitive and company confidential information. With the introduction of our new Message Log application we have completely recreated our access and content management system. This enables to provide granular control about the data that is made available to the users of Message Log. In this article we’ll specifically review how message content can be controlled by an organization.

Message content is only visible by default for the Platform Owner and Network Operarting Center

The content of your messages is not visible by default. Messages may contain private information about your end-users, or may contain company confidential, or security related (example: OTP) information. Therefore we have the policy to only display this information to the Platform Owner(s) of the account and the Network Operating Center (by default).

Account owners can make message content available

Platform owners can make message content available to all users in the organization. This is enabled through ‘Settings’ in the sidebar of the application. When this setting is enabled, the message content will be displayed to any user that has access to the account. Account owners can also hide message content by disabling the setting. Changes are applied directly.

  1. Go to the Message Log via the 9 dots


  1. Click on settings in to right corner
  2. Scroll down to Internal user access



This provides you as a user of the platform with the freedom and flexibility to enable message content for your organization.

There are three categories for the Message Content

Grant access to the message content:

This setting is to grant access to the users within your account. Click on the button to enable the setting. This can be done on three levels:

  • Platform Owner only
  • Administrators
  • Everyone

Network Operations Center (NOC):

Our NOC team has access to the Message Content by default in order to perform checks and validations in case of issues. This can not be adjusted.

Customer Support Team:

When you require support from, you can grant our support department access to message content. We recommend that you enable access to message content prior to reaching out to This will facilitate a smooth operation and ensure that we can help you as fast as possible.

You can provide access to message content for our support employees via ‘Setting’ in the sidebar of the application.

Once your issue has been resolved you can revoke access to message content again. Access for support employees is disabled by default.

Why would employees need access to your message content?

There may be various reasons where the content of your message causes issues in delivering the message. Our support employees are trained to assess whether the content of the message may have caused an issue. Prohibited content, or use of incorrect characters may be causes for a message to fail to deliver.



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