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Nov 29, 2022
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How to filter messages in the Message log?


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Within Message log you can filter messages so you only see the messages that are relevant for your query.

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Via the Filter section
  2. Via View

Filter section

When in Messaging log, press the Filter button.


  • Channel: Via which channel the message was sent
  • Country: To which country the message was sent
  • Direction: Only show Outgoing/Message Terminated (MT) or Incoming/Message originated (MO)
  • Message content: Only show messages that have certain specific text in its body.
  • Price: The price of the message
  • To / Recipient: Only show messages sent to a specific recipient
  • Sender: Only show results from a specific Sender ID
  • Status: Only show messages with a specific status

Choose the selected filter and click add.


The filter will be added to the row. When clicking on the actual filter, you can choose which messages you want to view:


Then the messages with the selected filter will be given in the Message Log.


You can also create a view on certain values by clicking on + new view.


  • Name: set a name for this specific view
  • Description: You can fill in a description of the view or the purpose of this specific view.
  • Select the columns you want visible in this view:


  • Settings: more advanced settings of how the messages will be given.


  • Click on create and the view has been made.


In the menu you can switch between the created views:


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