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Nov 29, 2022
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Which columns have an exception on access level?


  • Messaging


Mandatory/Default columns

A set of columns are mandatory to help you get your data in Message log. Columns such as Accounts, Time, Recipient and Sender cannot be restricted by the platform owner.


The column price has the exception of being restricted for all users except for the platform owner by default. This can be enabled by the platform owner.

Message content

See "How to see the Message content in Messaging log 2.0?"

What about the other columns?

All other columns can be managed by the platform owner and are by default available for all users for the organization. How the different roles and groups are setup:

The platform owner and NOC (Network Operating Center) will always have access to all columns*

Administrators, users, cm-employees and the Support group can be restricted from the columns**

*See terminology of Message Log for more information about NOC

**This does not apply on the Message Content column - see "How to see the Message content in Message Log 2.0?"

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