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Nov 30, 2022
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The terminology of Message Log


  • Messaging


View – A table with message information. On each view, you can select which columns you want to include to show different data on the messages

Columns – The table column is where the user can see information about the message

Filters – Most columns can be filtered. The filters can be used to find a specific set of messages

Time range filter – Allows you to select for which period you want to see the messages

Export – A way of downloading your view into a CSV or XLS file

Multipart message –A SMS message which is a split up in multiple parts that contain their own message content, price, status, and delivery time

Organization – This is the highest level in the platform. Changes and settings that are made on an organization level will impact each user within your company that are using the platform.  An organization can have one or multiple accounts

Organization level – Actions will apply on all accounts or all users within the organization - See more on Organization

Accounts – see “What type of CM Accounts are there?”

Platform Roles – see “What are the different user roles?”

CM Employees  Users that are working for

Customer Support  First point of support contact when a customer contacts CM

NOC – Network Operations Center monitors all the systems and platforms of CM 24/7, 365 days a year to make sure your messaging traffic runs by smoothly

Organization Settings in Message log – The platform owners have an additional settings section and can handle settings specific for message log

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