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Oct 17, 2022
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Interaction Explorer Dashboard

The Interaction Explorer Dashboard is intended to let you explore what kind of interactions are taking place in your project. It provides you with an overview of the distribution between the different Interaction Types, but also of the actual user questions. Also, this dashboard contains an extra text filter on Q&A (articles) questions.


This particular filter will only work on Q&A questions, not on other interaction types. You can use the exact values from Top Interactions (see further down in this article) to filter the dashboard on exact interaction values from other interaction types.

This dashboard has the following widgets:

Interactions per Day Widget

Line chart of the total number of Interactions for that period, given the dashboard filters.


Average # Interactions per Hour Widget

This widget shows you the average number of interactions of each type for a given hour. This value is averaged over your selected date range. To see specific interaction counts per hour for a specific day, please select a single date in your filter. Time is always calculated in UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) not the timezone where the interactions took place. You may need to take this shift into account when determining peak hours.


Please note: This shows the number of interactions per hour, averaged over the days in your selection. If you want the exact number of interactions on a given hour for a given day, select that day from the time period filter.

Interaction Mix Widget

Pie chart that shows the relative amount of each type of interaction. For an overview of the interaction types, please check our article about the interaction logs.

This widget also functions as a filter. Click the Interaction type you’re interested in, and the rest of the dashboard will adjust to focus on that type.


Top Interactions Widget

Table of the top interactions over the selected period. This widget by default shows Q&A, FAQClick, FAQSearch, dialog and event interactions. You can filter for a specific interaction type using the Interaction Mix widget. This widget also acts as a filter itself. Right-click > Select an interaction and the dashboard will adjust with information about all interactions with that value.

The table also shows how many of each interaction received feedback or caused link clicks. However, filtering the dashboard to only show link click and/or feedback will leave this table empty.

The last column in this table shows which percentage of Interactions were this specific interaction. This follows the dashboard filter on Interaction Type. If you have filtered the dashboard to display only information about questions containing certain words, but not on the Interaction Type QA, this % will be the % of All Interactions displayed in the table. If the dashboard is also filtered on the interaction type 'QA', this will be the % of All QA.


Top Pages Widget

Widget showing the top of Page URLs where the interactions took place. This widget also acts as a filter on the dashboard. When you right-click to select an interaction, the dashboard will adjust with information about all the interactions on the selected page.

The URL as displayed shows only the normalized URL, meaning any information following a # or ? in the url is stripped. For interactions other than Events, a full url that does contain this information is available via a drill down.


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