Nov 28, 2022
1 minute read


Any client who interacts with our APIs is logged in a session, will get a sessionID and an internal user ID. In this way, they are a User. The Interaction Explorer Dashboard offers a filter to focus on either Active (users who actively engage with the platform) or Inactive (users that just have events, with or without a response) users. 

Types (Active & Inactive)

A User is uniquely identified internally via the UserID, a GUID, which is not exposed through the API output. This UserID is therefore a pure internal representation of a User and can be stored via our Context Store API. Users can have any kind of interaction with Conversational AI Cloud. Some of these interactions can even be initiated by Conversational AI Cloud itself/the website or app connected to Conversational AI Cloud, without the active engagement of the user.

We classify users as:

  • Active: Any user who has interactions of other types, is an active user

  • Inactive: Users are 'Inactive' if their only interactions have been initiated by the website/app or Conversational AI Cloud itself. These generally comprise interactions of the types Event, DataRetrieval, and dialog start interactions as long as the dialog is only started and not continued

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