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Mar 01, 2023
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Data Definitions

Data is grouped into the following:

  • Users

  • Sessions

  • Interactions

A user starts a session when they interact with Conversational AI Cloud in some way. That session can contain multiple interactions as a result.

Data Definition: Users

Any client who interacts with our APIs is logged in a session, will get a sessionID and an internal user ID. In this way, they are a user. The Interaction Explorer dashboard offers a filter to focus on either active (users who actively engage with the platform) or inactive (users that just have events, with or without a response) users.

A user is uniquely identified internally via the UserID, a GUID, which is not exposed through the API output. This UserID is therefore a pure internal representation of a User and can be stored via our Context Store API.

Data Definition: Sessions

A session is a collection of Interactions from a user within a time-bound scope. A session is an entity that holds together this series of interactions with our APIs.

A session is uniquely identified internally with a GUID and is exposed as the SessionID with every API output. The SessionID is used with every API call after the initial one.

Similarly to user properties, the session is represented by a session property, which is a keyvalue collection with a reference to a Conversational AI Cloud’s internal UserID.

Session properties are used to persist state on the session and keep state for values between different interactions. This is particularly important for dialogs, where the previous and current Interaction are strongly linked.

The SessionProperty always expires after 15 minutes of inactivity. Depending on the existence of a user identifier key, the linked user property is then also removed, or left as it is.

Session Timeouts

A session will automatically time out after 15 minutes of no interaction (by the user) with our APIs unless the session.extended parameter is used and set to true, which will create a new extended session (TTL of 1 day).

Data Definition: Interactions

Any call from a client (device/browser/app/system) with one of our APIs is called an interaction.

An interaction is typically initiated by a User (a person) but it can also be initiated by the browser, or even from code in an autonomous system (without any active end-user intervention at all).

Conversational AI Cloud logs these interaction types:

  • Events

  • Q&A questions

  • FAQ clicks

  • FAQ Searches

  • autoDialogs

  • Dialogs

  • T-Dialogs

  • Feedback

  • Link Clicks

  • DataRetrievals

An interaction is uniquely identified internally with a GUID, which is not exposed through the API output but is attached to the immutable recording of API calls in the application logs.

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