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Nov 28, 2022
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Session Mode

Interactions can come from various places, and for various purposes – tests, monitoring, content developers checking content, visitors to the public website, etc. The session mode can be set in the request sent to Conversational AI Cloud.

We’ve defined several possible modes for the sessions these interactions take place in:

  • Internal: Content Editors/Developers working and testing content–usually in the CMS but this can also be defined for use of people internal to a company testing on the production environment.

  • Monitor: For the purpose of monitoring the response/performance of Conversational AI Cloud. This mode needs to be set explicitly.

  • Test: This should be set explicitly and by default for interactions to the staging environment. Test questions to the public website can also be given this session mode

  • Public: Regular interactions on the public site/app interface with Conversational AI Cloud. This is the default mode on the production environment.

  • Undefined: Anything else.

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