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Nov 28, 2022
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Context in Data

Contexts can use parameters that are available from potentially 5 different sources:

  1. Header information. available from the browser’s information, e.g. the ip-address, the devices, the set language, etc. This includes derived information such as geo-location.

  2. Information determined by the website/app and passed along in the request for the interaction. This is related to header information but can be more extensive than just information contained in the browser headers.

  3. Client back-office information, e.g. order info, CRM profile info, etc. which does require a customer ID in some form that has to be passed along into Conversational AI Cloud so we can connect with that back-office system. It does also require a tech project to set-up this back-office connection.

  4. Client third-party profiling systems, e.g. any existing (website) add-on that profiles users (like DoubleClick) which holds information about the segment of the user or its interest. As these systems typically all have APIs, Conversational AI Cloud can connect to these data to retrieve information about user (given the client’s consent).

  5. Public information such as weather or traffic information.

Any part of these options can be used to define context values that can be used in all Interactions. With many dashboards, context values are available as filters to drill down into the data.

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