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May 31, 2023
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Optimizing Content for Apple Business Chat

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  • Optimizing Content for Apple Business Chat

If you’re going to integrate with Apple Business Chat (ABC), it’s good to know a few things about how it will display the answers you have in Conversational AI Cloud. For the best results, we would recommend adding a contextual answer for Apple Business Chat to your existing answers that follow some general guidelines and take note of the following limitations:  

  • Answer Length: The maximum length of a text message is 4096
  • Formatting: No text formatting
  • URLs: Any URLs present in the message text of an ABC message will be automatically recognized by the clients as links. Additionally:
    • If a message starts or ends with a URL (and begins with http:// or https://), the URL will be split off from the rest of the message and delivered as a "preview url" bubble.
    • A URL in the middle of a message will not generate a URL preview. The URL preview is retrieved by the software running on the device of the end-user.
    • For privacy reasons the preview is only generated after the consumer clicks "Tap to load Preview". 
    • A URL preview can contain a title, a message, and a small fragment of text. These elements are automatically retrieved from the destination website. To support this preview, the destination website needs to have implemented the Open Graph Protocol.
  • **Images: **Apple Business Chat supports all media types that the iPhone itself supports. The maximum filesize for uploaded media is 100MB.
  • (T-)Dialogs: Dialog options/quick replies will be shown through a list picker UI (more info can be found on CM API docs if u want to add it to the article)
  • Metadata: This feature is also supported and can be used, for example, when an answer that is either an article or the end of a dialog contains an addition "showFeedback" and the value is "true", a "feedback" event can be triggered and shown as the next interaction for the user to respond to in the ABC conversation.

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