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Dec 12, 2022
2 minutes read

WhatsApp Livechat

The WhatsApp integration implements a standardized livechat handover flow to's Conversational AI Cloud.


The livechat handover flow requires the following content to be present in the project culture:

  • Livechat addition, boolean value

  • Pre-chat event, should trigger a transactional dialog

  • Optional - skill addition, string value

  • Optional - mscWebstore addition, string value

  • Optional - mscChannel addition, string value

  • Optional - agentStatus context variable, values offline/online

Conversational Flow

The livechat handover flow will work as follows:

  • The livechat handover flow is triggered whenever an answer contains the output addition livechat with a value of true

  • If a skill-based handover is required, make sure to add the output addition skill with the value set to the routing skill together with the livechat output addition.

  • Conversational AI Cloud will do a presence check to determine if an agent is available:
    • If an agent is present the context variable agentStatus is set to online
    • If the mscWebstore output addition is set, it will save the addition in the conversations state

    • If the mscChannel output addition is set, it will save the addition in the conversations state. If not set it will default to WhatsApp

    • If the presence check call should fail, the agentStatus context variable is set to offline
  • Conversational AI Cloud will trigger the pre-chat event

  • The pre-chat event is required to trigger a transactional dialog

  • The customer can ask the user any number of questions as part of the livechat intake in order to assist the agent

  • When the transactional dialog that was started by the prechat event is finished a handover will be done to Mobile Service Cloud:

    • The Routing Keywords (skill-based routing) is set to the value of the skill output addition

    • The Webstore Referrer is set to the value of the mscWebstore output addition

    • If the mscWebstore addition was left empty, URL based routing will be performed based on the URL of the end-user

  • After the handover is complete, the conversation with the end-user will be picked up by an agent in Mobile Service Cloud and Conversational AI Cloud will no longer receive any interactions for the duration of the end-users session.

A few things to keep in mind when working with WhatsApp's standardized Mobile Service Cloud integration:

  • Once a conversation has gone through a handover, the end-user can no longer interact with Conversational AI Cloud for the remainder of the end-users session (24 hours of inactivity)

  • If any part of the livechat handover flow fails, the handover will not be triggered, and the end-user will continue the conversation with Conversational AI Cloud.

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