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Dec 12, 2022
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WhatsApp Feedback

The WhatsApp integration implements a standardized feedback flow which allows you to ask for feedback at specific points in the conversation, while still providing a consistent conversational user experience.


The feedback flow requires the following content to be present in the project's culture:

  • showFeedback addition, boolean value

  • feedbackScore addition, integer value

  • show_feedback event, should trigger a (feedback) dialog

Conversational Flow

The feedback flow will work as follows:

  • The feedback flow is triggered whenever an answer contains the output addition showFeedback with a value of true 

  • The show_feedback event will be triggered by Conversational AI Cloud (this is expected to trigger a dialog)

  • The user steps through the dialog, where options can be presented to the end-user to determine their experience and feedback score

  • When a dialog end node is reached:

    • The feedback flow is considered finished

    • The last input from the end-user in the dialog will be sent as the feedback label

    • The final node should also contain the feedbackScore out addition

    • The value of the feedbackScore addition is sent in as the score of the feedback

  • If the feedback dialog flow is interrupted (because a different piece of content is triggered by the end-user):

    • If one of the nodes in the dialog contained the feedbackScore value;  and, this node was selected by the end-user

    • The last feedbackScore received will be sent in as the score of the feedback

    • The last input from the end-user for the node that contained the feedbackScore will be sent in as the feedback label

A few things to keep in mind when working with WhatsApp's standardized feedback flow:

  • If the showFeedback addition is present in the middle of a dialog (i.e. not a dialog end node) or transactional dialog (i.e. not a transactional dialog end slot) then it will be ignored to maintain the conversational flow.

  • If a return event is set on a transactional dialog node, or if the output addition livechat with a value of true is set on an answer, then the showFeedback addition will be ignored, as both livechat escalation or return events take precedence.

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